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The year ends with new beginnings

Sudbury Living Magazine December 10, 2018 Anna Barsanti, Lifestyle No Comments on The year ends with new beginnings

The search for a new home is cursory for now as Christmas is around the corner, beginning my new role is first and foremost on my list of priorities, and setting up my new normal takes precedence. I am so grateful to those who have responded with ideas, offers for places to become our new home. In the new year the search will be more intentional.

First week in my new role, absolutely wonderful. Learning how to utilize Google to communicate with colleagues. You can teach an old dog new tricks, just saying. Setting up the office online has been more of a priority than the physical attributes in my home. Attended four meetings. This week a group of us will be expanding our knowledge base in the field of traumatic events systems.

Our place is looking a little more like Christmas with a little way to go before we are done. Christmas newsletter may be a New Year’s newsletter.

These are the facts, my friends. Facts can be recited and then each reader interprets the facts through their personal lens as is the way of life. The emotional response was ‘my’ tell, the decision to move forward in this direction is as stated above the ‘right’ decision. There is no going back, so however it all unfolds from this point forward is the journey for me to live. What does that mean about the years I invested in all the work places that created the ‘work’ me?

The truth is the family restaurant business, other service industry jobs, Customs & Excise, Brewer’s Retail, babysitting, lifeguarding, the countless part-time jobs, volunteer opportunities, education and the police service were the teachers required to prepare me to be here today. Every person – supervisor, colleague, client – were the teachers of empathy, intention, drive, direction and heart. Every experience pushed me to grow, reflect, to change to be of better service. Moving forward is exciting, scary, hopeful.

What about the people who have blessed my life over the past 10 years? Just as leaving the field of education, you are not really gone. You will all live eternally in my heart, many of our paths will cross over the years because of work, friendship, intention or the creator decides it to be so. Colleagues, the laughs, the tears, the memories are what make the days at work the moments to treasure, reasons to be present. The relationships with community members over the years only made me more intent on being a better person. The people who have touched my life taught me so much. We are so blessed in our community with the people committed to making a difference, reaching out to those who need support, teaching those of us on the growing journey how to best serve and learn. The brilliance leading our community, which includes all members of the organizations is inspiring and hopeful. The system sometimes is questionable at meeting the needs, what is not questionable is the passion of the efforts of those who have chosen to serve. Listening over the years to the vision, the ideas, the plans of those whose mission is to make a difference continually ignites me to be a part of the team who intends to create a safe, welcoming place for all to live.

Remember every single one of you is a part of me, which then in turn makes you a part of Leila’s life. Thank you for being one of my guiding stars.


Take time this week to appreciate the people who are on your journey.



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