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Keeping balanced during a busy week

For school people – parents, students, educators – hopefully, your transition from summer to school went smoothly. 

Leila and I are slipping quickly back into the routine that is our life – work, school, hockey and depending on friends to ensure we can meet our commitments. Thursday was most challenging day, Leila had a hockey practice and I had a work commitment.

Thanks Samantha for ensuring the schedule deadlines were met. School, work, hockey – done! However, there is also homework, so knowing Leila and myself, homework was to be done before bed not in the morning. After her shower is homework time, the concepts to be tackled required some guiding questions, some review of work, and some patience when learning. Bed time later than usual, which is the choice I will continue with for the next while. Nothing weighing us down, which leads more likely to a stress less sleep.

The week also included a visitation to support a grieving family, 2 birthday parties, a hockey game and the usual daily life responsibilities. We are not alone in schedules that balance work, school, extracurricular activities and life expectations; all of you reading this also live with demands coming from all different directions. Let us not forget the unexpected – expectations from others with deadline dates pushed back-and-forth or attempting access online banking for days – no frustration attached, not! With all that said and recognizing those of us born in 1953 are or will soon join the official designation senior citizen means paying attention to what is most important to live a life that matters; to be grateful for every single day that allows us to continue to be here to matter to others.

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About The Author

Anna Barsanti is a retired educator who is sharing the experiences of raising her niece.

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