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Moving out and moving in

Leila and I will soon be entering a new phase in our lives as we become home owners.

Leila who has been bugging me since she was 5 for her own house can now relax. For the past 9 years plus, we created a home in the perfect place for us, in a neighbourhood that is warm, inviting, and safe. In a place that couldn’t have been more perfect for us. The perfect location, the perfect size, the perfect neighbours, and the perfect landlord. Living here reminded me how much I loved living in a neighbourhood with friends as neighbours, the opportunity to walk the streets and say hello to others passing by with their families.

Both the landlord and us reached a new phase in our lives. The time to sell the building was the motivating factor for us to begin the search for our new perfect home. We looked at countless homes, thanks Corinne, Michelle and Jean. There were moments of discouragement and wondering if ever there a place would be. The constant gentle reminder, “You will know when you walk in.”

And so, it happened one week ago today, I found home. Poor Miss Leila, this was the one potential house as a home, she didn’t get to come through as she was in the Sault. We are working on an opportunity for her to see it before the move.

We learned we live in a neighbourhood where I can expect anywhere from 200-400 kids on Halloween. Leila’s mind has already begun planning on how to find a parent to go with her friends and her while I give out the candy. She has already asked if her friends can come over. She wants to know when she will get her dog, I already have a friend/neighbour who offered to take care of the dog when we go away on hockey tournaments. The same neighbour has already invited me to go on the morning walks.

Yesterday, Samantha came over to guide Leila and I on what  to purge before our move. Five and half hours, 10 bags gone, shredded and shredded and shredded. I am determined to have no clutter in our new home. Everything will have a place or no place, so far Leila is right on board. She is releasing well, so many stuffies will have new homes. If only, five and half hours were the completion of the task, alas we are most likely looking more at fifty versus five.

Life who defines its direction? To be clear, if there was no Leila, there would be no searching for a house, most likely another rental. I likely would still have moved here 9 years ago because I was ready for a move and this was the perfect place for me. Nine years ago, when I walked through the doors, met the Lafleur family and saw the place – I knew I found home. The very next day was when I got the call about Leila.

Who defined my life at that moment? My step-sister, Nancy who called to tell me about the place? The phone call asking if Leila could come to stay for a while? My restlessness in my old place? A creator who knew what was best for me to grow? Why yes to all opportunities and not, no?

And so, the next chapter begins. There will be moments of “what was I thinking”, of that I am sure. “Stuff” will happen in the house and I will have no clue, there will be no landlord I can call, which has been my saving grace for the last almost 40 years. Yikes! All that said, in my heart, I know I found our home.


Stayed tuned for the Barsanti Family adventures as they unfold.


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About The Author

Anna Barsanti is a retired educator who is sharing the experiences of raising her niece.

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