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Sudbury 2020: No gloom. No doom. The best is yet to come.

Painting by Oryst Sawchuk

Quotes from Sudbury 2020: A Vision for the Future, published by Northern Life, January 2020


“These are some of the most exciting times in the history of our city. Greater Sudbury’s future has never been brighter. Our economy is diversified and strong.

Mayor Brian Bigger


“We have to really zero in on bringing more immigrants, more professionals. It should be a municipal goal. We should be a gateway.”

Former mayor Jim Gordon


“We have a very strong and credible business community doing cutting-edge work.”

Debbi Nicholson, president,

Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce


“Countries will continue to look to Greater Sudbury as role model for environmental best practices including the remediation of ecosystems that have been subject to industrial stress.”

Scott Rennie,

Business development officer, City of Greater Sudbury.


“Some will come to Sudbury for work, and then find it has really cools stuff to do. It is a more vibrant, diverse, city than people imagine.”

Christian Pelletier, Up Here Festival founder


“I am incredibly bullish on the future of Sudbury. While there are visible challenges, the City of Greater Sudbury is assuredly one of the great export cities of the world today.”

Josey Frescura, vice-president, competitive services, Greater Sudbury Utilities


“Forested wooded hills planted with 10 million trees and shrubs help to regulate the once erratic water flows and offer many opportunities for passive recreation on the numerous trails. This city of green makes us feel calmer, less stressed and happier in our daily lives.”

Peter Beckett








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