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Take time this week to count your blessings

Happy New Year. May 2019 bring you what you wish for and remember what we wish for comes with planning, hard work, intention, healthy relationships and sometimes a little luck. If there is one truism for the life I live, it is blessed. Thank you for your contribution for my realization that life is an opportunity to be connected to others in a meaningful way and that to appreciate a blessed life is to be reciprocal in living a purposeful life.


“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”

Rainer Maria Rilke


What does 2019 hold for you and me? Hopefully 365 possibilities that will bring to fruition wishes we have put out to the universe, a fateful crossing with our destiny to make a difference in the lives of those we love, and lessons learned to build our resiliency resources and strengthen our resolve to move forward.


2018 was a gift in so many ways – Leila’s love of hockey continues to enrich our lives, her circle of friends is growing, her commitment to learning is a wonder to observe with her interests expanding, as are her character traits evolving in ways that sometimes catch me off guard and I simply smile in amazement.


2018 for its gifts also brought with it challenges and changes for all of us, as is the way of living life. Leila’s gifts listed above are only so because of the challenges overcome. When presented it may look as though all is copacetic, however you know life is not as simple as stated above. To appreciate the gifts, we have to experience the heartache, the struggles, the overwhelming not so good news, the decision-making, and all that said, there will still be times, when the idea there is actually a gift on the other side of the ‘crap’ will remain elusive. Some people are grieving the loss of a loved one; some are facing a transition into the unknown; some are concerned about financial security; and some are questioning life.


Oh, if only, there was a magic wand that could heal the heart, a crystal ball to tell us the future – if only. And if there was either, would we be living life? Believe me, there are times I would prefer the knowing, the easy road, just the chance to take the breath aware that the next corner turned will hold the answer. Instead it is day-by-day, believing the choices made are the choices that will provide Leila with a less bumpy road or at the very least she will have the resources to overcome the barriers and challenges that will be. She will be strong, smart, wise, and use her voice. This can only become a reality with experiencing tough times and finding her way out with a circle of caring adults surrounding her with loving support.


So, what do I wish for you and yours in 2019? A circle of caring, empathetic people who will be there when you need to sob, laugh, hurt, heal, scream, be joyful, question ‘why’, and realize all will be well.


Take time this week to count your blessings.

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About The Author

Anna Barsanti is a retired educator who is sharing the experiences of raising her niece.

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