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Celebrating 30 years at 158 Elgin

On March 24, 1986, I walked into 158 Elgin St., headquarters of Laurentian Publishing, for the first time.
I had been interviewed in Toronto for a job and this was my first day of work at Northern Ontario Business. That was 30 years ago!
Sudbury in March is not a pretty place: a mixture of snow and sand. I was happy to have a job but I cried on the bus trip all the way from Toronto.
The staff took me out for lunch on my first day. We went to the Chinese restaurant downtown that used to have Japanese-style booths with low tables and pillows on the floor. It was a short walk from the office but everyone piled into a car and drove there. I remember finding this very amusing.
For a while, I marked each day on a calendar. I would stay one year and then return to Toronto. And then life got in the way of my plans.
A few months after I arrived, I interviewed the vice-president of the chamber of commerce. I did not know it then but I was being introduced to my future partner.
I have never regretted my decision to come to Sudbury. The folks I work with are very talented and lots of fun. There has always been an opportunity to write about interesting people and events.
It has never been boring. I came back from lunch one early fall afternoon in 2014 to see Elgin St. converted into Sunset Strip, palm trees and all, for a movie being shot with Ethan Hawke. Who’da thunk it possible?
This is a great town for a storyteller. I often joke every major story in Canada, maybe the world, has a Sudbury connection. The fact is almost every story does.
Sudbury Living magazine is now in its 10th year of publication. Our readers and advertisers continue to be supportive. What could a girl want more for an anniversary present?

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