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Cheat on your wine


Shopping at the LCBO can be intimidating. There are aisle after aisle of wines. It is safe, and it’s easy to grab the same old, same old. (Photos courtesy of LCBO)

If you who buy the same wine brand (or the same type of wine) week after week, you get points for loyalty but you are missing out on life.

Shopping at one of the large LCBO stores with aisle after aisle of products can be intimidating. It is safe, and it’s easy just to grab the same old, same old, and know you will not be disappointed. One the other hand, you will never be pleasantly surprised. Be faithful to your spouse, not your wine.

Summer is a good time to try something new. Next time you’re at the wine store, buy a bottle of your regular and a bottle of something you have never tried. If you have been drinking only European wines (because you believe them to be superior!!!), take a little trip down the aisle to the South American or South African sections. If the last Ontario wine you drank was bubbly baby duck in 1975; do yourself a flavour and drink local!

Here are a few suggestions to help rescue you from your rut. These wines are all light and lovely, and perfect for people who are new to wine.

Emiliana Abobe Reserva Sauvignon Blanc ($13.05) has a bright straw colour with a light taste of citrus. It is ideal for sipping on the deck on a warm day but it complements shellfish and lighter fish prepared with lemon. It also makes a good companion for sushi and pastas with seafood sauces. Wines from the Emiliana Winery in Chile are 100 percent organic. The winery uses biodynamic farming methods using compost and field sprays crafted from fermented herbal and mineral preparations. Grapes that are organically grown must have no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or soil fumigants used on them. The results of all this TLC is delicious wine.

Flat Roof Manor Pinot Grigio ($11.25) from South Africa is a dry light wine with a taste of summer. Pale yellow with a hint of green in colour, it has citrus aromas and pear, peach and apricot flavours.This pinot goes well with summer salads or cold appetizers. Flat Roof Manor (look for the the cat on the label) is located in coastal town of Stellenbosch, the most famous wine-producing region in South Africa.

Pelee Island Lighthouse Riesling ($10.95) has a bright pale yellow colour; aromas of citrus, peach, ripe apple and mineral. It is an off-dry, medium bodied wine crisp and lively with flavours of ripe apple, peach and lemon-lime. Pelee Island Winery is located in Kingsville, near Windsor. Wine is made from grapes grown on a vineyard on Pelee Island which is at the same latitude as Rioja, Spain, Porto, Portugal, Provence, France, and Tuscany, Italy.



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