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A new magazine about Our Neighbourhoods

Vicki Gilhula May 29, 2014 Vicki Gilhula No Comments


As I am putting the final touches on the Summer issue of Sudbury Living, I am also working on another project, a special edition called Our Neighbourhoods. It is an annual free magazine that will be distributed at more than 100 locations in Greater Sudbury including selected shops, supermarkets, restaurants, tourist information centres and medical offices. The publication date is June 9.

Greater Sudbury is THE big city. It is geographically the largest city in Ontario. Most us are well aware of the good, bad and the ugly parts. There are more than 330 lakes within our borders. We’re a world class mining centre. We are the centre of northeastern Ontario and the centre our own universe. We’ve got pot holes, poutine and porketta bingo.

Still, there are plenty of interesting things happening in every corner of this greater city that many residents don’t know about. The most common thing I hear from people is, “I didn’t know that was going on.” Or “When did that store open?”

Greater Sudbury has got its groove back. From anecdotal sources, we know many young people who grew up in Sudbury and moved away for school or careers are coming home. This is a good place to live and raise a family. Houses are affordable and crime is not a huge problem. Who needs an hour commute? Some of these folks are starting new businesses. Newcomers are attracted by jobs in our education, health and mining sectors.

The city’s art scene is vibrant. Artists are transforming downtown Sudbury is turning an interesting place to live, work and play.

The CANS (Community Action Networks) are doing great things in their neighbourhoods to restore their “small towns” identities that were almost lost after amalgamation in 2001. We are a community of communities.

This special Sudbury Living publication hopes to introduce readers to Our Neighbourhoods and people, shops and services we think you’d like to meet. After all, we’re all neighbours. It is the perfect guide for a staycation. There’s lots to enjoy in Greater Sudbury. Have a good summer.


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