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Share your wisdom with young people

Anna Barsanti May 8, 2014 Anna Barsanti No Comments

This past week my connection to Lockerby  Composite School continued. I was asked to speak to a group of female students on the Power of Girls, a great honour.

(Why does Lockerby remain a school of importance in my life? I didn’t teach there as a member of the school staff. Gary Orasi, one the legendary core teachers of our time asked me the first day I walked through the doors on the way to my office as Special Education Cooperative Education Resource person if I would be interested in coaching the Junior Boys’ Basketball Team. The immediate response was yes.)

Since I retired from formal education with a Board, my talks centre mostly on how to work with young people with adult groups or to speak with young people to help them assess their gifts, to find their voice.

Many times while I speak the influence of my Dad’s family meetings and countless discussion on a what a strong moral compass looks like and/or the loss of my mother and the lessons her passing has given me to be the person I am today come through in my messages. The fact this group was comprised of young woman whose intent for the evening was to raise funds for Genevra House and to discover the power within created an opportunity, a very important opportunity to encourage self-discovery. They are leaders today in their school and in this community. What is important is be their ally and advocate so they can reach their goals. The teacher and administrators were there and are there to ensure the environment is conducive for them to reach their potential. The epitome of what education is meant to provide.



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About The Author

Anna Barsanti is a retired educator who is sharing the experiences of raising her niece.