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Read local this fall

Sudbury Living Magazine September 1, 2011 Arts No Comments on Read local this fall

The Bottle Collector

Tom Managhan

Scrivener Press

The Bottle Collector is psychologist Tom Managhan’s first novel about a psychologist having a mid-life crisis. Mark Weathers, who is fast approaching 50, feels fraudulent as a psychologist yet is unable to shed his jaded outsider stance. When he is suddenly dumped by the younger married woman he’s been seeing, he hits the tipping point. Leaving his job, he embarks on a solo sailing trip through the Great Lakes, challenging himself either to find a way back into life, or to have the courage to leave it.
Managhan has practised as a clinical psychologist for over 30 years. He lives with his wife, Carol, near Sudbury where he spends his time in private practice, writing, and enjoying nature.


The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night

Colleen Kleven

For every woman who has uttered the words, “I just don’t have time for myself,” The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night offers a warm and witty look at practical ways women can tackle their own list of priorities.

Sudbury author Colleen Kleven, co-founder of the Hanmer chapter of Chick Night and founder of Chick Night International, shares a handbook filled with practical advice to help women recharge their batteries and learn to start having fun again.

Based on real-life experiences spanning 10 years in the lives of three women, Kleven’s light-hearted guidebook presents ways women can bond with other women in order to reconnect with themselves while sharing recommendations from women who have experienced the intrinsic rewards of friendship that accompany a monthly Chick Night.

The Beginner’s Guide to Chick Night is available in hard cover and paperback through or the book kiosk at Chapters in Sudbury.

For additional information about the book and its author, visit


The Relationship Depot:

Building Relationships That Last a Lifetime

Jeremy Manhood

Rev. Jeremy Mahood is a relationship handyman who wants to help. His first book, The Relationship Depot: Building Relationships That Last a Lifetime, offers practical and biblical advice for addressing relationship problems that often lead to divorce and multiple relationships.

“With the overwhelming rise in divorce rates, especially among Christians, it was time to write this book,” says Mahood, who has been guiding All Nations Church since 1978.
“Not only in our congregation, but across the community, couples are running out of their relationships rather than finding solutions and growing together,” he says.
The book was inspired by a sermon series Mahood delivered in 2009.

“We had such an incredible response from people during that series, they really liked what they were learning about relationships…it needed to be made into a book and shared more widely,” says Mahood.

The book will be available in bookstores and in an ebook version this fall. It can also be purchased directly from All Nations Church (

Captain Quad,

Sean Costello

Scrivener Press

A mass-market success when it first came out in 1991, Sean Costello’s Captain Quad, about a quadriplegic with special powers, has been unavailable for many years. With the success of Here After in 2008, Costello’s followers from the early 1990s spread the word to his new fans that there was a world of wonders not to be missed. However, early Costello books were almost impossible to find, and Captain Quad had never been reprinted. Costello and Scrivener Press has remedied that with a new trade paperback version.

Costello has practised anaesthesiology in Sudbury since 1981.

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