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Do people still read magazines?

Most people get their news online. It is first and fast. However, news and information consumers still buy books, newspapers and magazines.
Television did not kill radio; television did not kill the movie business either. It challenged them to change and be
The internet and social media has challenged mainstream traditional print media to give readers something they cannot find on the internet.

Sudbury Living is unique and can compete with the best city magazines in Canada. We tell stories about Sudbury people and places. From the beginning, our goal has been to create a well-written beautiful magazine about our city.

It is estimated that every issue of Sudbury Living has four readers. People pass copies to their family and friends.
We also know people keep their magazines for weeks and months.

Is Sudbury Living a good way for businesses to reach consumers?

Many advertisers think Facebook and the internet is a
cheap and easy way to deliver their messages. But people tune out the clutter just like they do when they turn the
sound down on television or radio commericals. When it comes to magazines, advertising is seen as content not an
interruption. Magazine advertising is targeted and engages readers in very personal ways.

Where can someone buy Sudbury Living?
The best way to ensure you receive every issue is to subscribe. The cost is $14.40 for
four issues. Phone or email our circulation department: 705.673.2491, [email protected] com

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