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French Immersion summer camps

Sudbury Living Magazine June 25, 2013 Lifestyle, Upfront No Comments on French Immersion summer camps
Carrefour francophone has further developed a summer camp program for children. Greater Sudbury’s French-language cultural centre has recruited
many of the same experts who ensured last year’s much appreciated series, while introducing
some new themes as well.
Carrefour francophone offers two series of summer camps: a French Immersion series and a
Francophone series. Most weekly themes are the same in both series. The French immersion
camps provide children aged 4 to 12 with opportunities to enjoy summer fun with new friends
while acquiring knowledge and skills in fascinating disciplines such as magic tricks, fine arts,
cooking, sciences, astronomy, theatre, world cultures and circus arts.
“Our specialty is making culture fun for kids, and it leads to impressive results,” says Nicole
Grenier, director of Children’s Services at Carrefour francophone. “Parents are amazed at the
skills their children acquire in just one week. That’s because our facilitators are experts who are
passionate about their field and know how to communicate their enthusiasm to kids.”
All of Carrefour francophone’s French immersion summer camps are held at Ernie Checkeris
Public School and Valley View Public School over a five-day week, except for two four-day
camps due to statutory holidays. Registration fees include a healthy lunch and two snacks from
Coop Boréal. If required, a free child care service is available before and after the day camps,
from 7 to 9 am and from 4 to 6 pm
Overview of 2013 summer camps – French Immersion series
From July 2 to 5,  MAGIC CAMP is hosted by The Amazing René (magician René
Lacourcière). René teaches fascinating illusions that children can master, like drawing a specific
card from a deck and extracting a coin from someone’s ear. Kids develop their dexterity, their
skill at directing the viewer’s eye. Who says magicians never reveal their secrets?
From July 8 to 12,  ARTS CAMP is hosted by Rose-Anne Cardinal of the Sudbury Art
Gallery. Children develop their inner artist by creating inspiring works using a variety of
professional art supplies. They will design and produce magnificent artwork using various
drawing, printmaking, sculpting, and painting techniques. Fine arts are fun arts!
From July 15 to 19, the COOKING CAMP is hosted by Chef Jean and Chef Yves of Coop
Boréal. Through games and samples, children learn to recognize and harmonize flavours. They
will discover locally produced food with the Eat Local Coop. They will invent a dessert and
prepare a full three-course meal themselves. To eat well and grow well, make food fun!
From July 22 to 26, SCIENCE CAMP is hosted by Louise Bergeron of CaméléArt. Children
will explore chemistry, physics, biology and engineering hands-on and demonstrate experiments
to parents and friends. They will create optical illusions with lights and mirrors. They will solve a
crime by studying clues. They will use tools to dismantle machines to see what’s inside and
learn to build strong structures and to manipulate sound and vibrations. Science is cool!
From July 29 to Aug, 2, ASTRONOMY CAMP is hosted by Paul-Émile Legault, professor
of astronomy at Laurentian University. Children will visit the planetarium and see galaxies,
neutron stars, powerful telescopes, holograms, and rainbows created by refracted light. They
will discover the De Oort comet cloud, the asteroid belt and the De Kuiper Belt. They will even
attempt to decipher an extraterrestrial message!
From Aug. 6 to 9,  THEATRE CAMP is hosted by Justine Gogoua of Just’In Arts
Company. African traditions are exciting for all children. Kids get to play different drums,
understand their importance in African society and even build their own drum. They learn fun
moves like the harvest dance and the children’s dance, and turn old clothes and dolls into
exciting new puppet characters. The grand finale is their own African performance for all to see!
From Aug. 12  to 16, WORLD TOUR ARTS CAMP.  Through traditional arts, children discover the culture, history, geography and
climate of many lands. There will be Egyptian hieroglyphics, North American indigenous tales
with leather stamping, African music with drums and percussions, Tibetan geometrical
mandalas and Haitian Taino petroglyphs. It’s a world tour on the wings of traditional arts!
From Aug,19 to 23,  CIRCUS CAMP is hosted by Francis Tousignant and Christian
Thériault of SirKaFran. This summer camp is a like a whole week at the circus! It’s a world full of
concentration, perseverance, feats of skill and good times in the traditional circus atmosphere.
Children learn to perform feats with balls, pins, rings, scarves, diabolos, flower sticks, Chinese
plates and more! Their new talents are put on display in a grand finale performance.
Information and registration
Details about all these camps, both the immersion series and the Francophone series, are
available online at or at Carrefour francophone, 14 Beech St., in downtown
Registration fees in the immersion series are $185 per five-day camp, except for the Theatre
Camp and the Magic Camp, which cost $160 for four days.
For further information and registration, call 705-675-6493, ext. 207, or email
Source: News Release

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