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Calming kids through yoga

While yoga does have numerous benefits for kids, it’s also something they enjoy. Since most of her students have small attention spans to match their small sizes, it is important to rehearse repetitive movements they can easily memorize. Adding other multi-sensory elements makes it more fun for the little ones too. This article appeared in [...]

March 1, 2012 Jenny Jelen Health/Beauty/Active Lifestyles, Parents 0

Let’s dance

I am surrounded by women of all ages, shapes, sizes and cultures. We are attempting to shimmy our hips and turn around in a circle to the rhythm of traditional Arabian music. I’m doing something I never imagined I would. I’m belly dancing and it feels great! “Belly dancing is the only dance that accepts [...]

November 1, 2008 Laura Mucklow Health/Beauty/Active Lifestyles 0