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Is your vehicle ready for summer travel?


Summer, long weekends and the end of school often means it’s time for a road trip, and it’s important to be prepared and ensure your vehicle is ready to go! When the weather is warm, there is no better activity than getting in the car and driving, but making sure your car is in prime condition is just as important as selecting your destination. Ensuring your readers know how to keep their vehicle is in its best condition will give them peace of mind and can extend the life of their vehicle.

Below you can find eight tips from Ford of Canada and Belanger Ford Lincoln to get your car in tiptop shape for this summer. From the treads of your tires, to the shine of your exterior it’s important to share how to take care of your vehicle from the inside out



  1. Check your tires/treads

Potholes and hazardous driving surfaces during the winter and spring months can take a toll on your tires. Now that your summer tires are on your vehicle, take some time to check the treads and tire pressure against the recommended pressure for your vehicle and particular type of tire (this can usually be found on the driver side door). By maintaining the ideal pressure, you will save money at the pump and prolong the life of your tires. Some Ford tech that can help your vehicle is the Pot-Hole Mitigation found in the Fusion V6, making those potholes a little nicer on your vehicle.


  1. Rotate your tires

Every 8000-10,000 kilometres you should have your tires rotated, this helps in reducing premature wear on your tires. This can be done when transferring over from your winter tires, or just before a road trip to ensure optimal tire performance.


  1. Check your tire alignment

When hitting the open road for a long drive you want to ensure your vehicle is in perfect alignment. It is crucial to have this checked and readjusted, if required, to avoid complications with your tires and suspension components.


  1. Get an oil change and Check all Fluids

Oil lubricates the engine to keep it functioning properly, and the correct fluid levels are critical for your vehicles performance. If you changed to thinner oil for the winter, now is the time to change back to thicker oil for the warmer months! Your engine works harder in colder weather, now that the weather is heating up its time to double check all of your car’s fluids to ensure they are full… this includes the windshield wiper fluid.


  1. Get your brakes checked

Brakes can lose their performance slowly and over a period of time you may notice they are no longer functioning at an optimal level. Brake calipers need to slide to work properly, this can be affected from the accumulation of road grime and salt in the winter months.


  1. Check your wiper blades

Even though it’s summer, there’s still a chance we could see rain. Clean wiper blades are essential to safe driving during any season, and are paired perfectly with Ford’s available rain-sensing windshield. Inspect your blades to ensure they are not damaged from ice, salt and grime cause by the winter season.


  1. Check your battery

The harsh winter weather can cause problems to your battery’s connection. Your local Ford dealer can check posts and connections to make sure they are free from any dirt, grime or corrosion. Most people think you only need to check your battery in the winter because of the cold, but in the summer there’s also a heavy load on the battery from the air conditioner. Make it a habit to check your battery every six months to ensure it’s always in top shape!


  1. Get a car wash

No one wants to start off a road trip on a dirty foot. Get your vehicle fully washed and ready to hit the open road! From the inside out nothing will make you feel better than having clean floor mats and a shiny exterior.




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