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Happy Easter

Sudbury Living Magazine March 28, 2016 Anna Barsanti No Comments


Whatever you choose today, please do yourself a favour – spend some time with someone who loves you and someone you love. Reach out and give each other a warm reassuring loving hug. Make sure you know you matter and have purpose. You make the difference in the life of someone and someone makes a difference in your life. Relationships are the core of our being. The connections we make are the essence of our heart’s strength to do the work that aligns our purpose with our moral compass.


As I write this Leila is in Sault Ste. Marie engaging in an Easter egg hunt and I can imagine her glee. Later today she will commune with nature fishing and 4-wheeling. Connection to family is important and creating fun memories will build the resiliency levels. To know in her heart that no matter where she lives or where she finds herself, she is loved. This is necessary for her to continue her personal development and acceptance of Leila as Leila. She is a remarkable child who appears to be so grounded in her sense of self.


Leila and I enjoyed a March break adventure within Ontario boundaries. Before I go any further and expound on this vacation understand we were limited in our ability to call or visit beyond what we did because I became ill and remain so today. The tickets were purchased and the hotel was booked, so no matter that I wasn’t well – we were going. Down time was left for me to rest. Very grateful to my sister, Terry and my niece, Ashlyn for ensuring that rest time could be stolen. Very grateful to Leila who understood TiTi would be low key. Imagine folks, Anna Maria Barsanti sans voice and yes, this is still the case. Heading into the third week.


Leila misses cuddle time and out loud reading; so do I.


If you ever have the opportunity to go to the Landmark movie theatre in London Ontario – GO!! Every person in the theatre has a lazy boy chair. With the chair in lounge position there is still enough room for others to walk by without interrupting your comfort. We saw Zootopia. And if you have the opportunity to see, Zootopia – GO!!


In Toronto, Leila, Terry and I were treated to a Mirvish Productions – Kinky Boots. Years ago I saw the movie and the story touched my heart, especially because it was based on true events. Entertaining! Thoughtful! Insightful! Powerful!


Zootopia combined with Kinky Boots reminded us what inclusion can look like. Both told the story of acceptance realistically. What interrupts a society, a group, an organization, etc. to embrace all its members? I ponder this daily, especially when I take the time to listen to the news around the world, in Canada, in Ontario, in our community. My heart breaks; I become confused, then concern for Leila’s future interrupts the thought process. How can I make sure she is prepared to face whatever else life puts in front of her? I remember what an amazing family surrounds me; my circle of friends are a blessing; my work is focused on how to ensure opportunities are available for people to make better choices; reading inspirational books will help refocus attention; there are more people than not creating safe environments; the people I work with are committed; and none of us are ever alone.


Terry, Leila and I finally made it to Ripley’s Aquarium – WOW!! As crowded, as it was being the March break, it was worth every second. The last day of our trip while Terry had some ‘Terry’ time, Leila and I watched Disney on Ice – 100 Years of Magic; then headed to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Yes, it was a busy week; a week I wanted to be memorable for Leila. Education mixed with entertainment based on the underlying purpose to continue to build stronger relationships with her aunts, her uncle, her cousins, and others who are included in this loving circle.


I don’t know what life will bring tomorrow anymore than anyone else. What I do know, each day counts! What is important for me is to clarify my priorities and to embrace the reality Leila is the centre of my universe. What does that exactly mean? Wish I could tell you. What do I know, that this is the question I need to take some time to ponder? The answer(s) will help me better define the revision of my life purpose and commitment to living life well.


Take time this week to create a memory with someone you love.


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