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February has an extra day in 2016

Sudbury Living Magazine February 1, 2016 Anna Barsanti No Comments

Already the first month of 2016 has come to an end, which means a transition to the shortest month of the year with its extra day this year.

Leap Year -

Salaried employees it is just one more day you work; hourly paid workers you are good to go. True or False?


This week Leila and I explored strategies to make it easier for her to be separated from me. She is quite clear this is not a topic she wants to investigate. Conversations with her teacher comforts me that she does well, asks for hugs when she needs one and moves through the day. If I am late picking her up, her first question is why? She does spend time with other families and friends. She is respectful and listens well according the reports when I ask, “How was she?” Her choice simply is – a preference to be with TiTi. When I asked her about attending a hockey camp on PD Day she said maybe when she is older and better able to reach out when she is in an activity when she doesn’t know anyone else. I understand her reasoning and am thrilled that she can articulate her thoughts. According Leila she makes adult friends and I am good at making kid friends. Could I push? Sure, however I don’t. My ‘stuff’ gets in the way of urging her to take safe risks. Even after all this time my heart will ache if I witness her angst. Luckily I have friends who will pick her up at school so I don’t have to face the transition from school to home to me going out. Yes, I am a coward and yes, I will eventually find my strength to do what is best for her growth.


Today hockey practice vs. hockey game and the coach spent some quality time challenging Leila as a goalie. She worked hard – her face was rosy red, she drank all her water, and she more than broke a sweat. We talked about how this is the level of physical effort committed athletes put forth. She seems to think you only have to do this once. She says it hurts to work that hard and I affirmed her observation with the nudge towards it gets better and you get stronger. Tried to use Carey Price as an example, he practises hard to be the best in the NHL. Wrong choice – she can’t understand why he isn’t back playing. Seems Henrik Lundgvist has moved up in her eyes. The upside I am learning the names of players in the league.


After the movies we played air hockey. The first game was tough and extremely competitive; neither of us willing to give the other a chance. The score was back and forth with Leila leading by one, and then I tied it right up to the end when I won 7-6. We both had fun and we both wanted to win, so she challenged me to a second game.  She took her jacket off; she meant business. I was creamed 7-1. She thinks I lost on purpose; not a chance. She is good, very good and I let her know.


This week reach out to someone who will challenge you to do your best win or lose.

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