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Listen and Learn

Lynne Reynolds March 1, 2012 Health No Comments

Hearing loss is a normal condition of aging and one of the world’s most common health problems. Taking care of this often-neglected part of one’s health can make a huge improvement in one’s quality of life.

Listen UP! Canada has more than 100 clinics across Canada and it offers free hearing tests. A Sudbury office opened last fall at 96 Larch St. across from Church of the Epiphany.

The company has acquired and integrated local health hearing centre, Bergeron Hearing Aids, with Debbie Bergeron continuing to serve former clients at the new location on Larch. An appointment is necessary, but a doctor’s referral is not.

“With more and more seniors working longer, being more engaged in their communities and their families, what may be acceptable in one-on-one situations becomes a real challenge at work and in social situations,” says chief audiologist Kate Dekok of Listen UP! Canada. “Hearing loss can disconnect you from your world.”

“Hearing loss, like sight loss, is gradual and normal in an aging population…Your hearing loss could be affecting your family and your co-workers and making you miss out on life. The only sure way to know if your hearing is deteriorating is to have a proper hearing test,” adds Dekok.

“Clients of all ages are realizing a discreet hearing aid will benefit their quality life just as a good pair of glasses does.”

Often family or co-workers are the first to diagnose someone’s hearing loss, she says.

John Bracco, a hearing instrument specialist, recommends people treat hearing as they would their vision, with a regular checkup and with aids to improve it if necessary.

“Some people tend to resist hearing assistive devices out of vanity, but don’t realize that it is more of a detriment to overall appearance to continually be asking others to repeat themselves,” adds Bracco.

People often associate hearing aids with bulky, low tech aids. They might surprised by “Cool-Aids,” ListenUP! Canada’s own brand of hearing aids. The only visible part of this device is a wire the width of a human hair. They can even be matched to hair colour or skin tone, and are Bluetooth compatible with built-in wireless ability. Tech-savvy users can even stream music into the hearing aid.

Listen UP! Canada personnel can provide assistance with the necessary paperwork for WSIB, ODSP, Veterans’ Affairs, and Native Health Board claims or any assistive device program through OHIP or an insurance company.

Any hearing-aid user can join the Battery Club which provides substantial savings on batteries and complimentary hearing aid checkup and cleanings.


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