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CBC show filmed in Sudbury starts Jan. 9

The Carlson family of Sudbury will experience a new decade - living through 60 years of winter. [...]

Home & Garden

Gardening  on the rocks
Posted On February 12, 2020 | No Comments on Gardening on the rocks

The Sudbury Horticultural Society is one of the city’s oldest clubs. It was founded in 1911. [...]

Food & Drink

Absolut Vodka introduces ‘recycled’ cocktail ideas

Just like all Absolut bottles, Absolut Comeback is made with more than 41 percent recycled glass. [...]

Arts & Culture

Gallery 6500 hosts memorial exhibit to Oryst Sawchuk

These pieces were created for the message they carried rather than their visual appeal said Vicki Gilhula, which in her opinion, makes them much more suited to a gallery than a living room. [...]