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Who’s Who: Bill Duncan

Bill Duncan was born in Scotland and moved to Sudbury with his family at the age of six. Duncan played for the Sudbury Wolves in 1914 when the team won the Gordon Cup, and for Hamilton in 1918 when the Tigers won the Allen Cup. He later became involved in the sport of curling. Duncan [...]

March 19, 2013 Sudbury Living Magazine Sudbury's Stories 0

Sudbury’s water tower lives!

Sudbury’s water tower lives!

Citizens who care about heritage buildings cheered when the Pearl St. watertowers were given a second life as an advertising billboard. The water tower is not a heritage building but it can been from many parts of the city, and it is a landmark. Summer 2011The Sudbury Pearl St. Water Tower was designed and built [...]

June 1, 2011 Sudbury Living Magazine Sudbury's Stories 0