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Nellie Keillor Lowe

Who’s Who: Nellie Keillor Lowe

    Nellie Keillor Lowe captured the hard beauty of Sudbury’s landscape   BY KYLE W. DOUCETTE The late painter and art teacher Nellie Keillor Lowe captured Sudbury’s heritage, much of it lost long ago to a wrecking ball. Her contemporaries speak of her fondly, stating that Keillor Lowe was light-hearted, dedicated and creative. The [...]

June 9, 2014 Sudbury Living Magazine Sudbury's Stories 0

Sudbury Art Club born in 1945

Sudbury Art Club born in 1945

    A brief history: In the early days of 1920, in the town of Sudbury, with a population of 8,800 a small art group began meeting in their homes. The Sudbury Woman’s Art Association was organized, eventually fading away, and in May of 1945 another group formed calling itself the Sudbury Arts and Crafts Club [...]

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