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Anna Barsanti

The circle of life

  “You don’t have to give birth to someone to have a family.” Sandra Bullock   Been awhile since we last connected. Leila is now 7 and more expressive than ever. I am fascinated by her facial expression, her use of hands, and her intonation when she delivers a message. Sometimes I find myself simply [...]

February 17, 2015 Sudbury Living Magazine Anna Barsanti 0

Happy New Year

Children are brilliant and wise; we simply have to listen. [...]

January 5, 2015 Sudbury Living Magazine Anna Barsanti 0

It’s Christmas and all is good

No longer playing the doting aunt, now I have to figure out what parenting looks like. [...]

December 16, 2014 Sudbury Living Magazine Anna Barsanti 0

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

With the Christmas season upon us the lessons around giving are highlighted in our lives for both Leila and I to understand the true meaning of Christmas. This month along with more than 400 other people we attended a fundraiser for Luka Andlar hosted by some family friends. Leila’s class had the opportunity to prepare [...]

December 1, 2014 Vicki Gilhula Anna Barsanti 0

It takes at least 10 people to raise a child

We have heard the phrase, “It takes a village to raise a child.” No arguments here. When I first read this African proverb, it resonated for me and continues to do so; a captive phrase for parents, educators, health care workers, social service, anyone who has a focus on the healthy development of a child. [...]

November 17, 2014 Sudbury Living Magazine Anna Barsanti 0

Adventures of TiTi

First statement of fact is my astute observation skills. At yesterday’s hockey practice one of the mom’s asked if Leila had to change in a separate change room and I asked why would she? Apparently, Leila is the only girl on her team. Change room is not an issue at this age; my observation skills [...]

October 21, 2014 Anna Barsanti Anna Barsanti 0

Life lessons on learning

A long time ago while in education I learned that pointing out what the students do well, builds the capacity to learn. With this comes confidence, the willingness to take risks in learning, and the ability to hear feedback on answers that require further exploration. As a person who has experienced mistakes being pointed out [...]

July 22, 2014 Sudbury Living Magazine Anna Barsanti 0

In praise of another great guy, Bob Keetch

 Saying goodbye to the boss This week we said so long to my boss, Inspector Bob Keetch, now Chief Designate for Sault Ste. Marie Police Service. Chief Ian Davidson, followed by Chief Frank Elsner nurtured the concept “The Future of Policing”. Inspector Bob Keetch expanded his vision of community under their leadership. From the beginning [...]

June 16, 2014 Anna Barsanti Anna Barsanti 0

Share your wisdom with young people

This past week my connection to Lockerby  Composite School continued. I was asked to speak to a group of female students on the Power of Girls, a great honour. (Why does Lockerby remain a school of importance in my life? I didn’t teach there as a member of the school staff. Gary Orasi, one the [...]

May 8, 2014 Anna Barsanti Anna Barsanti 0

Do you believe in magical thinking?

  Many children today woke up this morning anticipating the arrival of the Easter Bunny. Some may be skeptical of the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, Jack Frost, the Man on the Moon, and Santa. Some may wonder why do we perpetuate the belief in such characters. The movie. the Guardians,  help the [...]

April 22, 2014 Anna Barsanti Anna Barsanti 0