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Stay cool this summer

Sudbury Living Magazine June 1, 2018 Home & Garden No Comments on Stay cool this summer

Think warm thoughts of summer days ahead.

Warmer temperatures are here, homeowners need to know there’s more to spring home maintenance than making sure the lawn is cut and the flower beds are cleaned up.

When you take proper care of your cooling equipment, your unit runs more efficiently and helps avoid costly repairs. This also helps to avoid being stuck in a ‘no cooling’ situation on a hot summer day.

Keep your cool this summer with this list of energy-wise suggestions:

  • Ensure that the central air conditioning unit is serviced each year for maximum efficiency and performance.

  • Set the thermostat as high as is comfortable. The typical winter’s setting is too chilly for the summer – consider 25ºC (77ºF) for hot weather.

  • Ceiling or portable fans help circulate cool air in the house – you won’t need to set the central air as low to feel comfortable.

  • Ensure the outdoor unit is free of shrubbery to prevent airflow obstruction.

  • Remove grass clippings, leaves and other debris from the outdoor coil.

  • Wash down the outdoor air conditioners coil at the beginning of the cooling season and check it every month.

  • Check your furnace filter to ensure it is clean.

  • Consider replacing an older central A/C unit. Today’s models offer much higher efficiencies and should have a higher SEER rating than your current model.

  • Have a heating and cooling professional determine if your air conditioner is the right size for your home. Having the properly sized unit for your home, as well as an expert installation are key elements in determining air conditioner efficiency. You can purchase an air conditioner anywhere, but it’s the installation that makes the biggest difference.

It’s important for homeowners to understand that operating an air conditioner that hasn’t been properly maintained can cause an unnecessary loss of efficiency and can damage the unit. Annual maintenance is a small price to pay for total home comfort all summer long.

Homeowners can take a few simple steps to ensure they are comfortable this summer and that their systems are running properly. One of the most important is to contact a reputable HVAC company and book a qualified service technician to provide annual maintenance. Many companies will also provide options for maintenance plans which take the worry out of your home comfort.

BY Leslie McDermid is the Marketing Coordinator, Northern Air ClimateCare,

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