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Confessions of a northerner who does not skate

This week Leila’s Grade 4 classes went skating and she really wanted me to come.

Memories of the time she was a Tyke in hockey came flooding back, five years ago to be exact. (2013) The team put on a fundraiser for one of the players, so we were all out at the rink. You have to imagine my skating prowess; the time before this was just before Leila started hockey and we would go to Queen’s Athletic field with her friends and their families from Junior Citizens, if I made it around the oval in total four times in all our visits I might be exaggerating. Then in 1999 on the rink as a principal with the boys’ hockey team and one of the fathers had to help me around the rink to get my skating legs, thanks Erin McNamara, before that 1997 when Mary Collinson convinced me to the be the goalie for the Lasalle game between periods at a Wolves game; and the time before that was when I was in teacher’s college and we had to play hockey as part of the curriculum. (1977)

Skip the secondary school years and the last attempt at skating with friends ended in Grade 8. Yes, this Northern Ontario born and bred person has been on skates about 7 times in 52 years.

How is this possible? This person played and loved sports most of her life. Enjoyed the game of hockey growing up and has learned to love it in recent years for obvious reasons yet was unable to master the art of skating. Mental block that was created very early on in life. We were typical kids back in the day with a rink in the back yard, my siblings and cousins could skate like the wind. My father tried his best to no avail. My memories of skating were devastating and all of my own doing. I couldn’t master the skill, no matter how hard I tried skating would not be in my repertoire, so I quit. Couldn’t find the internal resources to overcome my sense of ineptness as a child skater and now this child, Leila has me once again attempting my nemesis sport.

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