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Holiday ends at the airport

I wrote this before the United Airlines cruel treatment of a passenger. But hey, I know how he feels. After my vacation I felt like I had post–traumatic stress disorder for a week.


Did you have a pleasant winter vacation? Many Sudbury Living readers spend their winters in southern American states while others escape to the beaches of the Caribbean.
I was fortunate to spend two peaceful weeks in Cuba in early January. As has been my experience on previous vacations, the trip home and the experience at Canadian airports was stressful and exhausting.
This trip the plane was forced to land in Quebec City because of fog at Pearson Airport. I will spare readers the details. Travel inconveniences happen but the flight staff and airline/airport representatives could not provide passengers with information or assistance to make their trip through the maze any easier.
I got upset after being given the wrong information by an airline employee. An airport security officer, who looked like he might be in charge, was extremely unhelpful and rude. For a moment, I thought he might taser me if I didn’t behave myself.
There has to be a better way. For the next 30 years, the population of Western nations is getting older every day. Aging boomers and their parents with the time and money to travel will stay home because they do not have the stamina to survive the airport experience.
This is not a privileged white woman’s rant. It is an inconvenient truth that could seriously impact the multi-billion dollar travel and tourism industry and result in the loss of millions of jobs around the world.

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