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Science North to honour veterans on D-Day anniversary





D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D opens in the Science North IMAX® Theatre May 30


On June 6, 2016—the 72nd anniversary of D-Day—veterans and local Legion members are invited to Science North’s IMAX for a special event featuring a guest speaker and complimentary screenings complimentary screenings of D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D.


“We are excited to be playing a film that so uniquely portrays Canada’s instrumental involvement in the D-Day victory 72 years ago,” said Renée Lepera, Senior Manager, Visitor Sales and Service. “We are honoured to offer our veterans the chance to come together and experience D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D on Northern Ontario’s largest screen.”


Narrated by renowned journalist and author Tom Brokaw, D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D provides a new, penetrating look at this defining moment in history in a truly unique manner. D-Day itself is well known, yet few know in detail exactly why and how, from the end of 1943 through August 1944, this became the most important location in the world.


“As a teacher who is passionate about history, I feel it is very important to help students remember, make connections, respect and honour the sacrifices that have been made by our military,” said Kathy Lebreton, a teacher at Lasalle Secondary School who, in 2014, accompanied a group of two-dozen students on a trip to the 70th Anniversary D-Day Commemorative Ceremony at Juno Beach in France. “What a wonderful idea to offer veterans a screening of D-Day: Normandy 1944.  I’m sure it will bring them a flood of emotions, similar to what I witnessed at Juno Beach on the day of the 70th Anniversary. I really do believe that we need to honour the veterans any way that we can. It is important to our community that our veterans are recognized locally so that future generations can understand the incredible contributions and the role of many Canadians, who sacrificed and served to preserve our freedom.”


Special guest speaker, Wilbert Spencer, a World War II veteran, will address the audience at 1:45pm. Spencer joined the army as a teenager and was the smallest member of his group. He will be speaking about his experience on the front lines landing on the beach in Normandy 72 years ago.


D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D will play at 11am and 1pm on June 6th. Interested individuals are asked to present proof of veteran status or legion membership in person at the Science North sales desk on or before June 6, 2016. While these screenings are free for veterans and legion members, the film remains available to members of the public wielding general admission tickets.


D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D is recommended for audiences of all ages and has a run time of 43 minutes. The film is screening at the Science North IMAX Theatre from May 30 to June 30, 2016.


The Science North IMAX Theatre is located at 100 Ramsey Lake Road in Sudbury, Ontario.


For information on tickets and showtimes, visit


About D-Day: Normandy 1944

In May 1943, World War II is at its apex. To counter Hitler and the Axis forces, the Allies decide to open a second front on the western side of Europe. The Allied forces, led by US General Eisenhower, have just months to organize the operation code-named “Overlord,” with just a 50/50 chance of success, that will break Hitler’s Atlantic Wall fortress and lead to the Battle of Normandy.


“We wanted to make a film to pay tribute to the millions of men and women, soldiers and civilians, who gave their lives for our freedom 72 years ago. Regardless of nationality, virtually everyone today has a parent, grandparent or even a great-grandparent with a connection to World War II,” explained writer & director Pascal Vuong. “I thought for a long time about how to produce a large format documentary on this subject, and finally found my own way of telling this complex story to family audiences using a brand-new ‘cocktail,’ mixing innovative film techniques.”


Blending multiple cinematographic formats, including animation, CGI and stunning live-action images, D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D brings this monumental event to the world’s largest screens for the very first time. Exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematics, audiences of all ages, including new generations, will discover from a new perspective in breathtaking IMAX 3D how this landing changed the course of history.


“What I was drawn to in this film is that it tells us the story of D-Day in a new way that gives such clarity to one of the most important events in the history of mankind,” said Brokaw. “I originally thought this was going to be another traditional documentary featuring grainy black & white footage, but as soon as I saw the first minutes of this film on the giant IMAX 3D screen, I found it irresistible.”


Over 3 years in the making and with a budget of USD 5 million, all live-action sequences for the Film were shot exclusively on location in Normandy, France. No fewer than five CGI and visual special effects companies also collaborated under the creative leadership of N3D LAND Films to complete the 43-minute film.


The second large format documentary film from writer & director Vuong, D-Day: Normandy 1944 3D is produced by N3D LAND Productions and distributed worldwide by 3D Entertainment Distribution. Ronan Chapalain is responsible for the stereography and post production, and Col. (Ret.) Peter Herrly is the main historical advisor. The original musical score was written by Franck Marchal and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra, with conductor Paul Rouger. Producers are Catherine & Pascal Vuong and Sylvain Grain, and Normand McKay served as associate producer.




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