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Exquisite cocktails with vodka

Sudbury Living Magazine May 28, 2016 Savour Sudbury No Comments on Exquisite cocktails with vodka


HERS                                                                                        HIS


Wyborowa Wódka,  “Wybo” a brand of Polish vodka, is available at the LCBO. This vodka is produced from rye, although vodka can be made from potatoes, corn, wheat, rice, mixed grains and even sugar beets.

Wybo was first created in Poland in 1927 but the tradition of making vodka in Poland goes back at least 500 years. Wyborowa, (vee-bo-rova) -means exquisite in Polish. It is gluten free and Kosher.

Vodka is traditionally drunk “neat” or “straight up” (not mixed with any water, ice, or other mixer. Eastern Europeans serve it chilled.

Canadians’ first experience with vodka is usually as a mix in a screwdriver, which is vodka and orange juice. A low cal cocktail is the greyhound mixed with vodka and grapefruit juice, The popular Cesar and Bloody Mary are also vodka cocktails.

In time for Valentine’s Day, here are His and Her Wybo cocktails.

Hers: Chamble

40 mL Wybo

30 mL lemon juice

20 mL simple syrup

10 mL raspberry liqueur*

Mix everything except the raspberry liqueur in a tumbler/old Fashioned glass, stir and top up with crushed ice. Lace the raspberry liqueur over the crushed ice so it trickles down into the glass. To simplify, used cubed ice instead of crushed. Garnish with two raspberries.

*Simple syrup is one part water, one part sugar.

His: Northside

50 mL Wybo

30 mL lime juice

20 mL simple syrup*

8 mint leaves

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake well. Double strain into a pre-chilled cocktail/martini glass. To simplify, leave the mint out of the cocktail. This will create a vodka sour. Garnish with one mint leaf.

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