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Remember when you thought 8 was old?

Leila is 8! And this week some remarkable words of wisdom were shared with me.


Starting with my continued attempt to have Leila sleep by herself every night. Foolishly, I tried the ‘you are 8 years old now and are now old enough to sleep alone.’


Without skipping a beat, she responds, “Eight is just a number, TiTi.” How do I argue with that point, especially because now my number is 26 according to Leila.


Later in the week we were talking about a friend’s choice that was making others feel sad. I learned Leila was already on it. She informed me she had already asked her friend, “When I share with you, how does your heart feel?” The answer was happy. She then asked a deeper question of her friend, “If you shared with your friends, how do you think their hearts would feel?” The answer was happy. I am so proud of her for listening to her friends, and then acting to make relationships better.


Were we that smart when we were 8? I wish I could remember more about the thinking process, problem solving, and communication with peers. Eight may be a ‘just’ a number, but some of the key developmental moments are buried deep in the recesses of the sub-conscious and now that I am watching Leila grow up, there is a curiousity of ‘who I was’.


This is also a significant year for reflection. Leila being 8 is a reminder that 8 was the age my mother was called to heaven. Over the years each time an 8-year-old crossed my path, a thought crossed my mind – that is how old I was. For my siblings the ages were younger. Now I get to observe the development of an 8 year-old and there is a part of me that believes some answers to questions that pop up every now will finally be answered. I am grateful for this next part of our journey together.


Leila continues to be the gift that keeps me young, harried and hurried.


Have you ever walked into a room to be greeted by a group who was happy to see you? No matter what has transpired before (locking your key in your car) or what was on your mind (schedule is crazy busy) the energy transforms the heart. Tuesday morning I revisited a 3/4 class at St. David to read them the sequel, The Day The Crayons Came Home. Instantaneously, the smiles, the sparkle in the eyes, the focus, and the gratitude for my presence created a clear mind with the ability to only focus on the present, on the young people in that class. Nothing else was important or relevant, only they were the center of my attention. We talked about where home really is and discovered the answer – wherever the heart is. After the lesson I asked them, where was I? And the answer, “Home.” We talked about why that was the truth – the way they welcomed me; the mutual respect we have for one another; and the relationship we are building. We are planning another visit, only this time they will be reading to me a story they will write to build on what we have learned together.


On Thursday night The Sudbury Multicultural Folk Arts Association hosted a welcome event for the first two Syrian families that have moved to the City of Greater Sudbury.

I was honoured to bring a message from GSPS to assure them the Service is available for them as a resource. The room was filled with caring people and the joy permeated every corner. Every day I am reminded that I live in a community where people pull together and reach out to lend a hand.


This week reach out and know you are a part of the greater good.

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