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There’s a future in the trades

Sudbury Living Magazine December 21, 2015 Students No Comments on There’s a future in the trades

(NC) It’s rewarding and often a relief, when your child decides on a career and gets started on the right path. But for many parents that decision can take several years to materialize.

Although parents may remember planning for their time after high school in the fall of final year, many teens these days get started early to put in the footwork and research in order to find a program that’s right for them.

When exploring options for your child’s career path it’s important to consider all opportunities. Think about in-demand careers that will set your child up for success. A great place to begin is the Ontario College of Trades’ website, which features videos from apprentices and certified skilled trades professionals talking about what made them pursue a rewarding career in the trades as well as a host of FAQs.

“This website helps parents and their pre-teens explore the endless possibilities of where a career in the skilled trades can lead,” says David Tsubouchi, registrar of the College.

While preparing six and seventh graders for high school may seem a bit premature, parents are now discovering that it’s important and in some cases necessary. Students need to know what prerequisites are required for all potential careers prior to making any decisions. For example, Grade 12 English, math and physics or chemistry are all requirements to get into many apprenticeships.

The Conference Board of Canada anticipates a labour shortage in the next 10 to 15 years. Completing an apprenticeship and becoming certified can lead to a rewarding and well-paying career in the skilled trades.

“Knowing that there will be trades jobs readily available for my son when he’s finished school will be something I seriously consider while preparing him for a future career,” says Krista Nolan, mother to Aidan who is in Grade 6 and is interested in exploring the possibilities in the skilled trades.

One key benefit of apprenticeships is that apprentices earn while they learn. They can start their career with money in the bank. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids?


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