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Tips for putting garden to bed

Sudbury Living Magazine September 10, 2015 Lifestyle No Comments on Tips for putting garden to bed

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(NC) The Canadian winter climate can take its toll, but with the proper fall maintenance you can set your lawn and garden down for a rest. “After a busy summer of mowing and maintenance, your lawn and garden will need some special care before the snow falls,” says Michelle Sordi, director of marketing for Husqvarna. “You can however, jump start your spring chores for growing a healthier garden.”

To ensure your garden survives the winter and has the ultimate spring awakening, the pros from Husqvarna recommend the following steps:

• Clean up the area: Be sure to remove any dead foliage, this will prevent a difficult spring cleanup and overgrown weeds. Harvest everything above ground in the vegetable garden to avoid attracting animals and pests.

  • Protect your shrubs: To help keep your shrubs healthy, generously water them before wrapping in burlap for the winter. When wrapping, work your way from the bottom up to prevent the bending of branches in an unnatural form.

• Fertilize before the frost: Your grass will start to slow its growth so it is important to fertilize it with the appropriate nutrients to survive the harsh months ahead. Also, the clippings from the final mowing should be left on the lawn as mulch to help protect the delicate crowns of the grass plants and lock in nutrients.

  • Take it indoors: Some plants fare better indoors during the winter but before you make the switch, immerse the pots in lukewarm water to help remove insects and prevent other unwanted critters from transferring into your home. Also check the leaves of the plant and give them a quick rinse as an added precaution.
  • Store your tools properly: Last, but not least, remember to clean all your gardening tools thoroughly before storing them indoors. Use soap and water to remove residual dirt and dried-on materials from tool surfaces. Be sure to drain the fuel from mowers as gasoline left in fuel tanks will break down, leaving deposits and build-up that will plug up the fuel system.

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