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We’re happy and we know it

By now you have read or heard that according to a recent Statistics Canada study, Sudbury citizens are the happiest folks in Canada.
That’s a made-in-heaven slogan for the city’s next branding campaign.
If I remember correctly, about 10 years ago a marketing/advertising agency was hired to create a brand for Sudbury that would promote the city to the rest of Canada as a good place to live, invest and visit.
The advertising executives concluded Sudbury residents could be the best ambassadors for their city if they developed community pride and got over their “moonscape” inferiority complex. The result was the “My Sudbury” campaign.
I thought “My Sudbury” was lame, but what do I know? The image campaign won a National Economic Development Award in 2006. And it looks like “My Sudbury” worked. We are a bunch of happy campers.

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