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Oldest Chrysler dealership located in Sudbury


This building is now the headquarters for Dalron Construction.

Shortly after arriving from England in 1907, Percy  Gardner was hired by Sudbury lumber baron William Joseph Bell to look after his horses. Four years later, Bell sent Gardner on a six-week course in Detroit followed by two weeks in Toronto to learn everything about cars so he could became his private chauffeur.

Gardner was proud to drive the first new car brought to the area — a four-cylinder model that cost a staggering $6,500.

He started Gardner Motors to sell Dodge Brothers cars in a small building on Sudbury’s main thoroughfare in 1921.

Mike Doyle was a 15-year-old high school student in 1965 when he started working alongside his dad, Leo Doyle, the parts manager  at Gardner Motors. Eventually he purchased the dealership which he operates as Mike Doyle Chrysler on Regent St, in the South End of the city.


Mike Doyle Dodge Chrysler

ike ole Dodge Chrysle

Doyle Dodge Chrysler

Source:, Chrysler online newsletter

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