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Rainbow Schools celebrate Earth Day 2015

Sudbury Living Magazine April 19, 2015 Our Town No Comments on Rainbow Schools celebrate Earth Day 2015


Adamsdale Public School
During Earth Week, students at Adamsdale Public School are encouraged to bring garbage-free lunches. Students, staff and parents will collect waste during the annual community clean up on Friday, April 24, 2015 at 1:45 pm. Students and staff will host a Family Picnic and Bake Sale on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 from 1 pm to 1:45 pm in the school gym. Donations will be given to the Me to We Club’s Wild at Heart fundraising efforts.
Alexander Public School
Grade 6 students will deliver a presentation on eco-awareness. Students will learn about the history and significance of Earth Day and will sign a piece of fabric to be sent to Paris as part of the International Earth Day.

Members of L’Arche de Sudbury will also join students and staff for a presentation. A tree will be planted and a plaque will be presented, as Alexander Public School and L’Arche de Sudbury pledge to work together to be stewards of the Earth. Bird feeders will be hung on the school property with the idea to plant seeds of friendship. The celebration will finish with a yard and neighbourhood clean up.


Algonquin Road Public School
Students and staff at Algonquin Road Public School will divert compost from each classroom to a bin outside of the school on Earth Day. Students will do this again at the end of the school year in an effort to reduce the amount of waste ending up in local landfills.


Carl A. Nesbitt Public School
To celebrate Earth Day, students at Carl A. Nesbitt Public School are encouraged to bring litterless lunches for the week. On Wednesday, April 22, 2015, students and staff will participate in a schoolyard and community clean up.


Charles C. McLean Public School
Charles C. McLean Public School will host a concert in celebration of Earth Day, on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 6:30 pm in the gym. Primary students will perform the musical number, My Town, My World. The junior and intermediate students will perform Update: Earth. Guests and students will be encouraged to sign a large piece of fabric, to be part of the International Earth Day flag. The fabric will be submitted to Earth Day Canada that will be sent to Paris.
Chelmsford Public School
For Earth Day, Chelmsford Public School will turn off all lights and will make every effort to restrict the use of non-essential power for the day. Students will also take part in a schoolyard and community clean up. To date, staff and students have collected more than 500 kg of batteries for their battery drive.


Churchill Public School
Churchill Public School will celebrate Earth Day with a variety of weekly activities.
On Monday, April 20th, students will be encouraged to discover how far their food has travelled. On Tuesday, April 21st, students and staff will conserve energy by turning off all non-essential lights from 12:30 pm to 1:10 pm. On Wednesday, April 22nd, students and staff are encouraged to bring in litterless lunches using re-usable containers and cutlery. A schoolyard clean up, organized by Student Parliament, will also take place. On Thursday, April 23rd, students will be asked to bring a refillable water bottle to school for Thirsty Thursday. On Friday, April 24th, the green machines will collect plastic lids from students for future recycled art projects to be displayed in the school.
Copper Cliff Public School
Copper Cliff Public School students will take part in a schoolyard and community clean up on Earth Day. Kindergarten students will plant seeds to help with re-greening the school flowerbeds.


Ernie Checkeris Public School
The Kindergarten classes at Ernie Checkeris Public School will take part in a community clean up as they walk to the Maley Conservation Area. All students will assemble in the gym to sing Les enfants de la terre.
Larchwood Public School
Larchwood Public School will recognize Earth Day with a series of activities including garbage free lunches, a schoolyard clean up, blue and green clothing day, a poster contest and lights out.


Levack Public School
On Earth Day, Levack Public School students will participate in a schoolyard and community clean up in the side streets of Levack and Onaping. All non-essential lights will be turned off to remind students of the importance of energy conservation. In an effort to increase awareness of packaging and waste reduction, students are also encouraged to pack a litterless lunch.


Students at Mishko-deh-Wendam will visit Laurentian University to take part in Earth Day activities.


Monetville Public School
Monetville Public School will celebrate both Earth Day and Dr. David Suzuki’s BlueDot Day through activity-based learning in teams.  Students will watch introductory films, rotating through stations in groups. The stations will use blue dots as a theme representing clean air, water and the environment, and will participate in activities that are linked to arts, sciences and physical activity.


R.H. Murray Public School
In celebration of Earth Day, the Eco Team at R.H. Murray Public School will spearhead a schoolyard, community, and garden clean up. Staff and students are encouraged to bring in litter-free lunches, and the class with the highest participation will receive special recognition and a prize. In an effort to promote and compare waste produced in lunches, items will be composted for one day and assessed by students. In addition, the Eco Team will continue to strive for certification with Ontario Eco Schools.


R. L. Beattie Public School
In celebration of Earth Day, the Kindergarten classes at R.L. Beattie Public School will participate in a schoolyard clean up. As a numeracy exercise, students will assemble waste items in groups of 10. They will sort the items to identify recyclables versus waste products. Grade 1 students will collect empty cans from the community for their Robotics Club and Grade 2 students will visit the Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant.


S. Geiger Public School
Staff and students at S. Geiger Public School are encouraged to choose active and sustainable transportation by walking, biking or carpooling to school. Students will participate in a series Earth Day activities with school Spirit Teams. Activities will serve to educate students on the effects of water pollution, recycling, ways to minimize waste and the importance of protecting nature. Students will take part in a global movement to “Pledge to Plant” a seed as a means of giving back to our planet. A community and schoolyard clean up will take place in the afternoon. As Earth Day is about uniting voices in support of a healthy planet, parents are encouraged to take party in the clean up.


Valley View Public School
The staff and students at Valley View Public School will celebrate Earth Week from Monday, April 20th to Friday, April 24th. The Eco Eagles will organize an environmental awareness campaign to highlight ways in which we can all make a difference. Theme days for the week will include Meatless Monday, Trashless Tuesday, Walk About Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday and Lights Free Friday.

Valley View Public School will also host the fourth annual book exchange, where staff and students are invited to recycle gently used books to promote literacy.


Webbwood Public School

In celebration of Earth Day, Webbwood Public School will focus on the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. To reduce their carbon footprint, students are encouraged to take part in a challenge for active and sustainable transportation including walking, carpooling or riding a bike to school. Students will also participate in an activity designed to creatively reuse or reduce items that often end up in the landfill or blue box. Primary students will reuse items to help wildlife by building bird feeders and bee baths to be placed in the schoolyard. Students will reduce waste by bringing littlerless lunches, including refillable water containers to school and will take steps to reduce the amount of energy used during the school day. Members of the community are invited to take part in an Earth Day community and schoolyard clean up.


Walden Public School
For Earth Week, Walden Public School’s Green Team will lead a series of green activities to promote awareness and appreciation for the environment, sustainable living and overall earth awareness. Parents are asked to send any used or old batteries to school with students on Monday, April 20th for recycling. On Tuesday, April 21st, Walden Public School will host the second annual Litterless Lunch competition. The class with the most reusable containers per student will win a cartooning seminar with a teacher.

On Wednesday, April 22nd and Thursday, April 23rd, students can bring in a maximum of three books they’ve already read to exchange for recycled books. Two gift baskets will be given as prizes for a Jellybean Guessing Contest. All proceeds will be donated to local charities.

On Earth Day, students and staff will take part in the “Earth Day: Lights Out Canada Challenge.” Students and staff have pledged to take part in eco-based lessons for the day. On Friday, April 24th students are encouraged to wear green and to walk or bike to school.

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