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Verve opens ‘innovative art experience’ downtown


Matkai Burmaster-Hansen is the executive director of the company which was established three years ago.


The word verve captures the spirited enthusiasm of “animating artistic composition and performance.” My personal interpretation of the Merriam-Webster dictionary precision version of Verve includes a liberal dash of panache. Yes, even the flair of edginess and novelty surrounds the concept in my mind.

In this case , Verve is not fashion, nor flavour. It is not fleeting, or ephemeral. Verve is Sudbury’s newest theatre spot. Your gateway is

While theatre can happen anywhere—certainly drama occurs all around us daily—actors need a home, and performances need a place. Verve needed a venue and found it at 178 Elm St. This location is across from the courthouse. It used to be a bank and more recently it was the place naughty Sudburians went to pay their parking tickets.

Matkai Burmaster-Hansen is the executive director of the company which was established three years ago.

“This is my space and I am bringing new energy into it. I am willing to push limits and this is a blackbox ready for anything.”

Certainly the main room can be set up in any configuration. He smiles broadly, “This could be used at other times as a community space, and we certainly are main-street located across from the provincial courthouse.”

Matkai at 22 is clearly motivated to make this a success. His vision is apparent in the organization and delivery of what he calls “Innovative Arts Experiences.”

The current perspective of the Yiddish word chutzpah is a positive twist on boldness and implies a quantity of “courage, mettle or ardour,” and I would say you see that here. It is quite a leap from idea to action but here Matkai has gone and done it. Life isn’t always comedy; it is easier to handle when heartbreak or joy are on stage, and it all ends with the final act.

“We have been focused on youth but now we can do more,” says Matkai. “We are versatile and agile, and willing to collaborate with theatre groups and organizations across the city.”

Abigail Yzereef is an instructor, rental manager and active member of the team. She has a passion for playwriting:

“I studied at Thorneloe and graduated with a bachelor of fine arts. It is wonderful to be putting my education in performance to work here at Verve.”

And it really is work. They have refreshed and renewed, turning what were once vacant offices into Sudbury’s newest theatre space and learning environment.

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