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How much does love cost?

Vicki Gilhula February 9, 2015 Upfront No Comments on How much does love cost?



They say love doesn’t cost a thing, but that’s not the case when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

Ottawa is the most expensive city to celebrate Valentine’s Day Winnipeg is the best city for Valentine’s Day penny pinchers!


  • The average cost of a typical Valentine’s Day evening is $138
  • 61% of singles are happy to be single on the day if it means avoiding Valentine’s Day organisation
  • 30% of people grudgingly celebrate the day


According to a Cost of Living analysis1 chartered by EliteSingles, a typical Valentine’s Day date of dinner for 2, a bottle of wine, cinema tickets, and a taxi ride home costs Canadian singles an average of $138. But some singles are set to fork out more than others

Average Valentine’s Day cost by city:

Ottawa: $155
Vancouver: $147
Toronto: $146
Edmonton: $143
Calgary: $134.5
Montreal: $133
Quebec City: $128
Winnipeg: $122

The costs don’t stop there – Canadians spend on average $37 on their lover’s Valentine’s Day gifts.

All in all, it’s no wonder that many singles think Valentine’s Day is more financial stress than it’s worth; 61% of EliteSingles members admitted to being relieved by their single status on Valentine’s Day if it meant they could avoid having to organise (and pay) for an evening out. In further damnation of the day, 30% of singles who were casually dating someone admitted they only celebrate the day grudgingly in order to appease their lover.

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