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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

With the Christmas season upon us the lessons around giving are highlighted in our lives for both Leila and I to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

This month along with more than 400 other people we attended a fundraiser for Luka Andlar hosted by some family friends. Leila’s class had the opportunity to prepare a shoebox filled with goodies for a needy child in another country. She chose a 2-4 year old boy. She was very clear what had to go in the box. I decided to participate in Sisters Helping Sisters Shoebox Campaign. Leila was with me when we chose the gifts, once again she was clear on what should be in and the colour scheme, matching is important to her. What was difficult to explain was the concept of a shelter. She would ask a question of clarification, then tell me she still didn’t understand. Another question, another explanation; another question, another explanation. Learning with comprehension takes time; the fact that she enjoys giving to others is a good first step.

May you have time this week to be blessed with the gift of friendship and the opportunity to bring joy to someone’s life.


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