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We need to blow our horn

Vicki Gilhula November 14, 2014 Uncategorized No Comments on We need to blow our horn

In new Winter issue, readers will meet Kimberly Daley (Pg. 38), a Toronto dental hygienist, who volunteers her services and encourages other to the same during an annual visit to Jamaica. Daley is the woman behind Nine Miles of Smiles. She grew up in Sudbury.

So did Dax Wilkinson, the Toronto entrepreneur behind the successful Red Canoe nostalgic fashions and accessories. He is the grandson of Reg Wilkinson.

Over the years, Sudbury Living has featured many people wth Sudbury roots who are hugely successful or making a big difference in the world. In almost every case, these outstanding people credit experiences they had in Sudbury for inspiring them.

Yet, officially, the city does not recognize these individuals.

The Town of Chatham-Kent named a park to honour native son Fergie Jenkins, a baseball hall of famer. The Town of Parry Sound proudly announces on a huge sign it is the home of hockey legend Bobby Orr. Brantford boasts about No. 99.

The City of Greater Sudbury has produced more than 80 NHLers, several Olympic gold medalists, some of the brightest minds currently working in the arts, and numerous millionaire entrepreneurs. There are no signs. There is no mention of our contributions to Canada and the world on the city’s website. There is no walk of fame.

What’s wrong with us?

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