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Secrets of our success

Vicki Gilhula October 21, 2014 Uncategorized No Comments on Secrets of our success


A few years ago when I interviewed author Margaret Atwood—she has a keen knowledge of the shaky economic health of Canada’s culture industries such as books, magazines and music—she asked me how Sudbury Living Magazine survived. Even before the internet, all Canadian magazines including the biggest titles had challenges securing advertising revenue and distributing their books to newsstands that are populated by American titles with deeper pockets.

I told her the community was very supportive of the magazine and very proud of it. So dear advertiser and dearest reader, thank you for your part in making this magazine a success.

Sudbury Living’s writers are key to its success as well. They ensure readers find fresh and interesting articles in every issue. This is not always easy when the deadlines are weeks, sometimes months, before the publication date.

I am very lucky to work with some very talented writers who know this city or their subjects very well. Most of the freelancers are not “trained journalists,” so they have developed unique writing styles. I think this makes for a more interesting magazine.

Contributor Graeme Mount is a retired Laurentian University history professor who has written numerous books including 895 Days That Changed the World: the Presidency of Gerald R. Ford (2006). In this issue, the world traveller shares his experiences in Turkey.

For the winter issue, I am currently editing an article by Mount and his friend and colleague Dieter Buse. The historians present the First World War from the perspective of a Sudbury soldier.

Chris Blomme is a biologist, photographer and a member of the Sudbury Ornithological Society who writes about gardening and nature. I think his Nature’s Way articles are one of the things that make the magazine and this city unique. We live with nature and most of us can watch it every day from our kitchen windows.

Publisher Patricia Mills was determined to give the community a first-class lifestyle magazine. Many “city” magazines are just advertising dressed up to appear as journalism. Mills was clear from the beginning that Sudbury Living would not be like that. A former journalist herself, she contributes a must-read column at the back of the book each issue.

Sudbury Living Magazine has a popular website ( where previous issues are available in portable document format (PDF). In between issues, there is new content added daily about things our readers enjoy: community news, lifestyle features, recipes, travel articles and arts information. Readers also can get tidbits of news and information on the Sudbury Living Facebook page.


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