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Big Nickel turns 50

Sudbury Living Magazine March 24, 2014 Sudbury's Stories, Upfront No Comments on Big Nickel turns 50

Dynamic Earth will also host celebrations throughout 2014 in honour of the Big Nickel’s 50th birthday. The Big Nickel, an exact replica of the 1951 Canadian five-cent piece, will officially turn half a century old on July 22, 2014.

A large community party will be held on that date. In addition many activities and special events throughout the year will commemorate the Big Nickel birthday.

“The famous Big Nickel is one of the top roadside attractions in Canada and is recognized by people around the world,” said Julie Moskalyk, senior manager of Dynamic Earth. “2014 is a big year for us, and for Science North as well. We are dedicated to planning exciting events at both sites that will encourage first-time and repeat tourism to Sudbury and Northern Ontario, during the year of celebrations.”

* The Big Nickel is an exact replica of the 1951 Canadian nickel.

It was built in 1964 and symbolizes the wealth that Sudbury has contributed to the Canadian economy through nickel production. The base enables the public to walk around the Big Nickel and under it. Access is barrier-free.

Big Nickel Fast Facts:

* The Big Nickel is the largest coin in the world

* It was constructed in 1964

* It is an identical, enlarged replica of the 1951 Canadian nickel

* Heads is King George VI, Canada’s monarch in 1951

* Tails is a stylized nickel refinery with one large stack

* The Big Nickel weighs close to 13,000 kilograms (approximately 13 tons)

* It is about 64,607,747 times the size of a Canadian nickel

* There is a Big Loonie in Echo Bay, near Sault Ste. Marie; and a Big Toonie in Campbellford, east of Peterborough. Virginiatown, 300 kilometres north of Sudbury, erected a Big Gold Coin in 1989.

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