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Winter white is the white-hot fashion trend

Remember the old fashion rule that you don’t wear white after Labour Day? Good news: you can forget about it – “Winter White” is white hot for the coming season.

From creamy off-whites to those as pure as the driven snow, white apparel from accessories to pants, coats, jackets and sweaters is all good to go this winter – although with one exception: shoes. Apparently some things just don’t transcend the change in temperature.

And for good reason: seriously, how could white footwear possibly survive the slushy, salty, slop which is an unfortunate fact of life in the Canadian winter?

Tips from the experts when it comes to Winter White:

• Go with seasonal fabrics: cashmere, wool, cable-knit, angora cotton, satin, silk – but leave the linen ’til next summer.

• Mix it up: use white items as an accent against darker tones, but don’t overdo it.

• Be bold with white outerwear: coats, sweaters and handbags are all winners.

• Dress for the season: it’s still winter, so don’t be showing lots of skin.

Making your Winter White choices is only half the equation: keeping them truly white is the other, especially with all the salt and muck we have to deal with through the season. Cleaning experts are unanimous that bleaching your whites is the most commonly-made mistake: bleach can actually harm your fabrics.

Choose a non-chlorine whitening product to safely boost your existing detergent’s cleaning power allowing clothes to look fresh for longer.

When does Winter White season end? Again, there’s no hard rule – but let finding a happy balance between calendar and temperature be your guide, and until then, enjoy!


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