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Many died in 1906 train crash

Sudbury Living Magazine September 9, 2013 Sudbury's Stories No Comments on Many died in 1906 train crash

Azilda train wreck

On Sept. 12 1906, on the CPR railroad near Azilda, a tragic train wreck occurred. A dozen people lost their lives and 40 were injured when two passenger trains collided. The head-on crash between westbound train No. 1 and eastbound train No. 2 is attributed to the malfunctions of the second train’s brakes. Two dangling chains shut off the air cock between the second and third car of the train, and when the engineer put on the brakes, only the ones on the first three cars came on. With not enough power to stop, the train overran the passing point and collided solidly with the westbound one. The train conductor was not held responsible for the shattering collision.

Azida train wreck

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