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Natural first aid for summer nicks and bites




Summer is finally here. Bring out the swimsuits, the fishing poles, the camping gear, and the hiking boots, we are ready to go.

For many people, health conditions are the last thing on people’s mind in the summertime. Everyone is out and about enjoying the great weather. But we tend to become a little careless while enjoying the sun resulting in sunstroke, bruising, sprained ankles, mosquito or, even worse, bee stings, sunburns, and dehydration.

In order to keep you in the best possible shape to capitalize on the incredible weather here are some life saving homeopathics to the rescue.


Insect bites

Apis Meliffica: This remedy is commonly used for bee stings, insect bites, and allergic reactions that are categorized by stinging, swelling, burning, redness and/or hives or a hive like rash. These symptoms are made worse by heat but better by cold.

Hypericum: This remedy greatly used for insect bites and stings can also be most helpful for when you slam your fingers in a door or stub your toe. This remedy is useful when injury is in an area rich with nerve endings causing a shooting pain that is quite intense and sore. (Think victim of Denise the Menace’s work).

Ledum: This remedy is for puncture wounds whether it be from a bite, a sting, stepping on a nail, or a thorn. This remedy is most useful when pains produced are prickling/stinging pain with redness and swelling and are once again relieved by cold and aggravated by heat. This remedy is also useful to prevent septic states.


Food Poisoning

Carbo Vegetabilis: This remedy is incredibly helpful for the barbecue-gone-wrong situation. Any sort of food poisoning brought on by meat or fish that causes bloating, belching and/or fainting can be greatly improved by a little Carbo veg. This remedy is also extremely useful for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Arsenicum Album: A great remedy when food poisoning causes burning and profuse diarrhea with vomiting. These people will desperately want cool water to sip on slowly.



Belladonna is incredibly helpful for sunstroke that comes on suddenly with burning, restlessness, dizziness with nausea and vomiting. Pupils can be dilated and the body hot but hands and feet are ice cold. If these are present, Belladonna can rapidly bring them out of this state.


Sprains and Muscle Strains

Bryonia is most helpful for sprains and strains that are worse for movement but better from firm pressure. This remedy is also useful for fractures that are worse from slightest movement.

Rhus Toxicodendron is good for muscle strains or ankle sprains. This remedy is worse on first motion but better for continued motion and/or stretching. This remedy is for when you throw out your shoulder throwing a football.

Ruta Graveolens is incredibly helpful for those who strained or sprained tendons and ligaments. The sensation of pain comes from tightness and tension that is made worse or caused by cold damp conditions and lying on the area. This remedy is also great for eye strain caused by reading too long in the beautiful sun.



There is one incredible piece of old wisdom used by the people of the Caribbean for us white pasty Canadians such as myself who can’t handle our sun like they can. For an incredible sunburn that would make your mother either laugh or cry, do this:

Step 1: If there are no open water blisters soak the skin in vinegar. Sounds crazy, right? No. The vinegar actually neutralizes the burn and stops the heat trapped in the skin from burning further into deeper tissue. Apply the vinegar in as many layers needed to take away the burning tight sensation (generally one to three layers).

Step 2: Aloe vera to the rescue. Load on the aloe vera only after you have stopped the burning sensation. This will help heal and repair the damaged skin tissue and speed up recovery. You can apply this two to three times and you will be back in the sun in no time. Homeopathic calendula can also be used orally to assist in the healing of sunburns as well.


These remedies can be taken in 30ch potency for mild symptoms or if treating symptoms which are older than 3 days or a 200ch for intense symptoms that just occurred. Remedies can be dosed as recommended on packaging or as instructed by a Homeopathic practitioner.



Jessica Ernewein is a homeopathic practitioner.


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