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The Silver Bullet is uniquely ours

Celebrating more than 20 years on the Sudbury “fun” food scene, the Silver Bullet is no ordinary chip wagon.

Norm from Val Caron roars in on his motorcycle and within minutes he is enjoying his personal Silver Bullet favourite , a hot and juicy bacon cheeseburger.

“There’s a lot of love in these burgers,” says Norm. “They’re definitely the best burgers in town. I’ve been a weekly regular customer here for years.”

Nearby two young women are enjoying an informal “tailgate” luncheon on the back of their SUV parked on the lot at Notre Dame and Dell streets. Their favorite? The routine, some for now and some for later.

A young couple from Hanmer has also made the side trip to the Flour Mill on the way home from a morning of shopping. Lunch at the Silver Bullet is always worth the detour, they say. They like that they can order just one chicken finger for their young son. “ A more sensible kind of kid’s meal,” says mom.

Customers seem to come from everywhere, a steady stream of mostly regulars, by car on motorcycles, in company trucks and on foot, teenagers and seniors alike. Busy executives drop in for their take-out lunch on the run, blue collar workers come in by the truckload.

At the corner of Notre Dame and Dell in the Flour Mill, business is smooth and steady.

And here’s why.

Owners Dan Proust and his father, Armand, are serious and conscientious about their business. Littering is not tolerated, and an inspection of the kitchen reassures that great care is taken in terms of hygiene and cleanliness.

“The burgers patties are handmade from fresh beef that is locally delivered each morning,” says Dan. “It’s the closest you can get to homemade. A full inch thick, grilled to perfection, juicy but never greasy. You can order get your burger dipped in gravy, the way grandma used to make them.”

Prepared from potatoes grown in Matilda, the fries are as good as you would expect them to be. And of course, for the adventurous and the curious, the poutine is second to none, smothered in high-quality grated white and marble cheddars and Silver Bullet gravy.

If you’re a “dog” lover, the very popular Silver Bullet Dog promises to satisfy: a large frankfurter, topped with cheddar cheese, bacon and fresh-fried onions. For a healthier choice, the chicken on a bun is an eight-ounce portion, perfectly steamed and served with lettuce and your favorite condiments on a nice, warm bun.

A “silver bullet” refers to any straightforward and extremely effective solution to a problem. So, when hunger strikes and nothing but ‘hot, fresh and delicious’ will do, grab a fellow “foodie” and head to Sudbury’s Silver Bullet.

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