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Art Gallery offers programs for all ages

Sudbury Living Magazine May 31, 2013 Arts No Comments on Art Gallery offers programs for all ages

Kids get hands-on learning experiences at the Art Gallery of Sudbury


Creativity comes naturally at the Art Gallery of Sudbury. Anyone at any age can discover a passion for art.

Children love exploring interesting spaces and instantly love the magical feel of the Gallery. Adults enjoy how the comfortable and supportive feel of the space makes it safe to try something new, to take chances, and to escape the stress of busy lives.

What makes the Art Gallery of Sudbury such a great arts facility? It’s a question we get asked frequently. Simply put, it’s the incredible people, young and old, who walk through our doors, amazing art exhibitions, and art education programs that draw us in and embody us with a sense of creativity.

Our Creative Kids’ classes include Rembrandts and Rainbows, followed by Art Start I and II, Cartooning and Animation, and Sculpture and Clay. In addition, the gallery takes great pride in the Summer Camp Extravaganzas.

For our adult explorers, try Drawing for the Absolute Beginner or Painting in the Acrylics and Mixed Media classes. We also host the Drawing Circle for artists of all levels who wish to draw from the figure.

At the Art Gallery of Sudbury, people are given the opportunity to pursue a real passion, to re-ignite their creativity and to get lost in the focus of making art. They experience the sense of accomplishment that comes from developing skills under the guidance of inspiring teachers.

Take a walk over to John St. for a visit or give us a call. Your artistic side is calling your name.


Nancy Gareh-Coulombe is the education manager at the Art Gallery of Sudbury. [email protected] For more information, phone 705.675.4871 or visit the gallery’s Facebook page.





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