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Leila is already saving for her retirement

2013 04 14

What a fabulous day! Miss Leila turned 5 in January and what a wonderful experience the month of January became as she would wake and tell me how many more sleeps until her birthday +1 for her birthday party. I must admit I was definitely caught up in the excitement; who wouldn’t be when looking through the eyes of a child?

Mind you, on the way home from school on the day she turned 5; she decided she wanted to be 4 again. Last year when she turned 4, she wanted to be 3 again. I am sensing a pattern here.

We have discussed the beginning process of an allowance and how this would work. Leila now has four piggy banks: 10 percent goes towards her retirement, she is not too keen on this one; 10% represents her contributions to charity, in December she will choose a charity of her choice; 20 percent of her income will be a part of her education fund; and lastly 60 percent is discretionary income. In the long run this will save me money, because now when she wants to purchase something she wants, she will have to save the required funds. When we originally looked at the allowance I attached household duties and expectations for behaviour. Have done some rethinking on the matter. Her household chores and responsibilities will be to teach her she is a part of a team and there is no payment to support the efforts for a happy, safe home.

My Dad taught me about the 10 percent  rule long before the Wealthy Barber and it served me well over the years. Pay yourself first. I am still socking away some savings every month for emergencies. Leila already tells people about the piggy banks and what they are for. We are now into our fourth month. If this falls through, it will be on me, not her. For all the gifts I have given her over the years, this to me will be one of the most valuable.

Leila’s circle of friends has grown with the onset of school. We are both blessed with a circle of love and genuine caring; sorry I am tearing up. Needless to say, the birthday party was a collection, maybe too big of a collection, however, I am weak when it comes to choosing. Leila is picking up some of my traits. That being said we were thrilled with the turnout to represent her circle of friends. Two of her friends she met when she arrived in Sudbury at 22 months were there with their dads. These two dads were the first to introduce me to play dates.

My colleagues from police services have shared their words of wisdom, invited Leila and I into their homes. Their reassurance, encouragement have been a source for my fortitude; their children are a hoot full of energy with brilliance. Smiling right now as some flashes scoot through the brain. This has to be the Sudbury way, when I first moved here in 1981 families adopted me and included me as part of their family. This pattern has never stopped. No wonder I love it here. Friends from school bring with them wonderful kind parents who are a delight. At the party watching the children’s faces light up with excitement; the sounds emanating from their voices brought joy to the heart – can we stop the hands of time to capture this moment, so for forever and day this is their experience of life? A CAS worker once told me, a child’s job is to simply have fun and enjoy life. This resonates for me, the tough stuff is for us to deal with, and their time will come soon enough. If this were only true for all children, what a kind world it would be? For each of us, let’s make it true for the children in our lives to the best of our ability. If the children in our lives grow up with a strong moral compass, well mannered, secure in knowing they are surrounded by caring adults, that no matter what the love will be there and unconditional – they will be better able to serve themselves, which in turns means others.

This has been a week of gratitude and happiness. Thanks once again to all of you for being our circle of love.

“We have to be able to grow up. Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.”
Lauren Hutton

To Read or Not:
Chicken Soup for the Soul Messages from Heaven by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Amy Newmark. 2012. A book I can read a few pages at a time when there is a moment to steal. After reading this book I remembered I have forgotten to check in with my parents and grandparents through prayer. So one day I decided to talk to my mom, that day Leila told me she knew what my mother looked like. I asked her how she knew and she told me because she saw her in her eyes. Hmmmm.
From the World of Film:
3-Movie Set of the Transformers. Leila’s fascination with the Transformers finally got the better of me and I had to see what the fuss was all about. What stood out for me was the beauty of creativity and imagination.


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