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Welcome to Sweden

Sudbury Living Magazine September 1, 2012 Travel No Comments on Welcome to Sweden

Welcome to Sweden. The country that offers so many opportunities, whatever kind of holiday you have in mind. Sweden is a safe country where everyone speaks English. From the far north to the deep south, Sweden has a wide variety of climates, activities and scenery that will stimulate your senses and satisfy your every need. Sweden is the third largest country in Western Europe.

Because of its long, narrow shape and northerly location, the landscape is highly diversified. From exciting survival camps in the untouched wilderness to relaxing on a cruise in the island-rich archipelago, from standing on the top of a snow-covered mountain to hanging at a bar at one of Europe’s finest nightclubs, whatever your heart desires you will find it here.

Stockholm – a city of contrasts Stockholm is a modern city in a cultural setting full of attractions. From the medieval cobblestone passages in the old town to the modern city. From the crisp winters to the lively, radiant summers when the sun almost sinks below the horizon. With 24,000 islands to choose from, Stockholm’s unique archipelago is truly a natural treasure.

Close to the city, the bays and channels are wider and the islands themselves are fairly large and wooded. Stockholm also has a wide array of shopping choices—from large, modern department stores, to boutiques filled with specialized wares from both foreign and local designers—Stockholm offers something for everyone. If you are a fan of literature, don’t miss the Millennium tour inspired by the best-sellings books by Stieg Larsson.

During all of Advent and through January 6 the churches are filled with glorious Christmas music that reverberates with tradition. The many Christmas markets are also a reason to go to Sweden at this time of the year. For more information on Stockholm and surroundings please visit

A Taste of West Sweden

West Sweden is an ideal destination for travelers who appreciate gourmet food! Combinations of stellar chefs and abundant local produce have earned West Sweden’s restaurants an international reputation. In fact, 26 restaurants have been honored with the “Taste of West Sweden” culinary certification. One of the best is Thorskogs Castle—a “fairy tale” castle dating back to 1892 that features beautiful English gardens and serves first-rate cuisine in its restaurant. Another local gem is Bjertorp Manor, whose surrounding hills and deep forests offer many options for peaceful walks and cycling. Exciting menus reflecting the changing seasons are offered by the kitchen which has won several awards,

Southern Sweden

Skane is a province of contrasts: Swedish, a bit Danish, but most of all – Skanian. Bordering on three seas, the coast is never far away. Here, flat land meets forests. You’ll find castles and cottages, medieval alleys and big city life. Put yourself in the middle of Skane and you have about 60 golf courses within a 50 minute drive. Malmö is Swede’s third largest city and is located in Southern Sweden near castles and the countryside.

“In the Footsteps of Wallander” – Millions of readers the world over have tagged along behind Inspector Kurt Wallander as he hurries along the narrow, cobblestone alleys of Ystad. Discover Inspector Wallander´s home town yourself. (Watch PBS listings for broadcasts of this program.)

During the winter season Malmö museums features Christmas at the castle which is a celebration that includes songs, music, medieval jesters and craftsmen at work.

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Northern Sweden

The Nordic winter is magnificent and exotic. The dramatic Nordic Lights electrify the polar skies in an abundance of red, green, blue and violet. The winter sports facilities include a wide range of alpine and cross-country skiing, snow-boarding, dig- and reindeer sledding and much more. Stay a night or two at the now famous Ice Hotel which also offers a variety of winter activities.

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