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Creme Brulee satisfies connoisseur’s taste

The name Alexandria’s conjures up images and scents of the Middle East with its heart-healthy food, pleasing aromas and varied tastes.

It’s been a long time since I last ate at Alexandria’s, and it was almost comforting to see the same waitresses ushering patrons to their seats and greeting them with genuine pleasure.

Looking around, I noticed the decor has changed somewhat since my last visit. There is new carpet on the floor and the wall decorations/paintings have changed.

The ambience at Alexandria’s is an eclectic mixture of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and French. The dining chairs are finished in leather adding a modern feel to the highly decorated restaurant. Stained glass light fixtures hangs above the tables, each one as different as the pictures on the walls.

But it’s the food that gets the most attention on this day.

My lunch guest and I ordered the same entree – Mediterranean chicken salad, made with roasted peppers, onions and mushrooms, served over a bed of greens, and enhanced by balsamic vinaigrette dressing.

It tasted simply divine. The romaine lettuce was fresh and crisp and cut into the right sized, bit sized pieces. The green and red peppers were hot, but not overcooked, so they were still crisp and bright with colour. The mushrooms and red onion were cooked just enough to enhance the flavour without taking away from the crispness of the rest of the ingredients.

Topping the colourful salad was tender, marinated chicken pieces, hot and flavourful. The dressing was just enough to bring out the taste of the various vegetables.
Fresh French bread accompanied the salads, and herbed whipped butter offered to those who still indulge.

It would have been a bonus to have been offered a whole wheat or whole grain alternative, but we ate the fresh bread anyway, and enjoyed it immensely.
After eating the delicious salad ($14), my lunch companion and I decided to splurge and order dessert.
Alexandria’s has its own pastry chef who creates mouth-watering desserts just for them.

What a treat! My lunch companion had the crème brûlée, and I had the chocolate decadent cake. The desserts were absolutely perfect. My companion, who is a connoisseur of crème brûlée, pronounced it excellent. The chocolate cake was excellent too, not too sweet and not too much.

The whole dining experience was enjoyable – the company, to the service, to the decor to the food.
Alexandria’s Restaurant is one of the cleanest restaurants this reviewer has even been in here in Greater Sudbury. The table linens are pristine with crisp, freshly ironed creases running through them. One of my pet peeves is eating in a restaurant where the white table linens look faded, wrinkled, or worst of all, stained. However, one does not have to suffer that indignity at Alexandria’s.

The cutlery is stain-free, the dishes are shiny and the glasses are not fogged up or full of finger prints.
The service is friendly, professional and experienced.

However, a more varied Middle Eastern menu would be a greater enticement to those who enjoy Middle Eastern food, cooked with such experience.

If you haven’t eaten at Alexandria’s for a while, it’s worth another trip. And when you are there, please do try the desserts, even at lunch. Mmmmmm.

Alexandria’s Restaurant
211 Shaughnessy


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