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First families: The Howeys

Howey Dr. Is named after Sudbury’s first doctor, William Howard Howey and his wife, Florence, who wrote one of the earliest histories of the area.

After graduating from medical school at McGill, William (1855-1929) was hired by the CPR to work at temporary townsites as the railway was being built west from North Bay.
After spending time in Sturgeon Falls, the Howeys arrived in Sudbury, July 1, 1883. Both William and Florence (1856-1936) were originally from farm country in southern Ontario. When the railway moved west, the Howeys decided to stay and establish the first hospital in the community.

William later served as company doctor for the Dominion Mineral Company and the Mond Nickel Company. He is also considered one of the discoverers of the Frood ore body.

In 1933, at the age of 78m Florence wrote a colourful account of Sudbury’s early days. In Pioneering on the CPR, she wrote the first man to be brought to the new hospital was Pat Nolanm a man crushed by rocks. He died and was the first person to be buried in the Eyre Cemetery.

“A board was placed at the head of the grave with his name painted on it…I often think about that grave when visiting the cemetery. I suppose I am the only one who knows it’s there,” she wrote.

Florence was an extremely adventurous person. She was a regular visitor to the native village near Whitefish Lake, and took trips to Manitoulin Island accompanied by native guides.
The Howeys’ first house was located at Elm St. They also had a home, which is still there, on Howey Dr. Later they built a home they called Idylwylde on property they owned between Ramsey Lake Rd. And the north shore of Nepahwin.

In 1922 they sold 277 acres of that land for $15,000 to a group of men who were starting the city’s first golf club. The Howey home, the Idylwylde, was turned into a clubhouse. It was destroyed by fire in 1962.


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