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Kimberley Seldon shares ideas for spring

Kimberley Seldon on Host of HGTV’s Design for Living with Kimberley Seldon, guest design expert on CITY-TV’s CityLine and here articles have appeared in magazines such as Chatelaine. She spoke to Sudbury Living recently about décor trends for 2012.

What colours and trends are big for 2012?

Colour and pattern are huge for 2012. Bye-bye beige and hello tangerine tango (Pantone’s colour of the year). Client’s are asking for rooms that have a freshness and energy that has been missing for the past few years.

Where do you get your ideas?

Travel has always been my muse. I study architecture, design and fine art in every city I visit. This year I’m headed to Charleston, St.Petersburg, Russia, and Rajasthan India.

Is it possible to update a room without investing a lot of money on trendy looks that may go out of style?

As self-evident as it sounds, it’s important to make sure rooms are clean and neat. That means we have to edit and purge from time to time. Once that’s done, it’s possible to revitalize any interior with a new shot of colour. Add decorative toss cushions to the sofa or paint walls a vibrant new shade. And a signature room fragrance is another way to underscore a revitalized interior. My favourite is from the Glade Expressions Collection and it’s called cotton & Italian mandarin. It smells like laundry fresh off the clothes line on a summer’s day.

Is it is a good idea to paint antique furniture?

Unless an item is a fine antique (get an appraisal if you are unsure) a coat of paint is not going to hurt it. A crisp white, a pale blue or a vibrant yellow will dramatically transform the look of vintage furniture; making it fresh and modern.

The missus likes the Victorian look, but her husband likes the modern, “less is more” look. What should they do?

Couples don’t often agree on which style they like. However, if you both take time to find a few inspiration photos you can focus on the features you like in common. For instance, maybe you both like dark, walnut wood. Perhaps you both like pattern that’s only two colours rather than many colours. Focus on what you have in common and then be prepared to compromise when it really matters to your spouse.

Are knick-knacks a no-no?

Knick-knacks add personality to rooms. I can’t imagine living with none. That said, it’s important to keep them in check -create vignettes and group like items together. Have breathing spaces between collectibles. And sell or give away anything you find tiresome or ugly.

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