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Mr. Prime Rib

Allan McMullan September 1, 2011 Where to Eat in Sudbury No Comments on Mr. Prime Rib

My mother is from England, a place where Sunday afternoon dinner usually meant a roast of beef. This is a tradition she carried on after she immigrated to Canada.

Since I craved a traditional roast beef dinner, it only made sense to go to Mr. Prime Rib, a restaurant that has been a tradition in Sudbury since 1967 and specializes in Angus beef dinners.

As my wife and I arrived, I took note of the specials listed on the board outside. One was a beef dinner with Winston sauce, a port rosemary demi-glace with portobello mushrooms.

Mmm! that sounded good. Winston makes me think of Churchill, which makes me think of England and roast beef. This was definitely a good sign.

The dining room is divided into three different spaces with tables and chairs unique to each room. Our host directed us to one of the rooms near the back of the restaurant. It was tastefully decorated with metal etchings of the Arc d’Triumph in Paris and the Flat Iron building in New York City. The tables were covered in tablecloths and the seats were high backed with white leather and a black lacquered trim.

For appetizers I ordered the special which was crab cakes with chipitole mayonnaise, a spicey sauce. My wife ordered dolmades, a Greek specialty which is grape vine leaves stuffed with rice.

As the owners of the restaurant are Greek, there are many other Greek items on the menu including taramossalat, a Greek-style caviar.

Unfortunately, the dolomades were sold out, so Isabelle ordered a Caesar salad instead. My wife’s salad was as it should be: crisp romaine lettuce with a creamy dressing garnished with croutons and bacon.

I enjoyed the three cakes of crab served with the mayonnaise sauce in a ramekin. The crab cakes were a little darker than golden brown but tasty.

For dinner we both ordered the special and requested it to be English-cut which means the beef is cut into thin slices instead of one large piece.

Mr. Prime Rib offers roast beef in different sizes: the prince cut (seven ounces), the queen cut (10 ounces) and the sultan cut (16 ounces).

The beef was delicious and tender and was served with roast potatoes and cooked vegetables but no Yorkshire pudding! The special did not come with Yorkshire pudding, but the server gladly provided us with some when we asked for it.

A lot of attention has been paid here to the fact Mr. Prime Rib serves beef, but it’s important to note the menu is varied and has many items including chicken, pasta, liver, and ribs.

We were pleasantly full after finishing our meal, but asked about dessert anyway. The server returned with a platter of desserts all on plates and decorated with whipped cream. There was a pecan tart, two different chocolate cakes, rice pudding and caramel fudge cheese cake.

They all looked pretty inviting, but the cheesecake looked the most appealing, it was a creamy textured cake with a sweet caramel top and chocolaty fudge bottom. It was delicious.

With dinner complete, my craving for a nostalgic roast beef dinner was satisfied. Mr. Prime Rib has been pleasing diners in Sudbury for over 40 years. Here’s to another 40.

Allan McMullan is a graphic artist who was a chef in a previous life.

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