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25 things to love about Sudbury

Sudbury Living Magazine September 1, 2011 Lifestyle 1 Comment on 25 things to love about Sudbury

1 The City of Greater Sudbury, in area, is the largest municipality in Ontario, the fourth largest in North America. The 15 municipalities that make up the Greater Toronto Area including Toronto would fit within the city’s borders. Greater Sudbury (2006 census population 157,857) was created in 2001 by amalgamating the cities, towns and townships of the former Regional Municipality of Sudbury.

2 This is The City of Lakes. Count ’em. There are 330 within the city limits; 16.5 percent (or 601 square kilometres) of the city’s total surface area is covered by lake water. About 7,000 people or 4 percent of the population live on a lake.

3 Life’s a Beach. There are numerous supervised beaches in the city: Bell Park on Ramsey Lake; Moonlight Beach in the Minnow Lake area; Capreol Public Beach on Marshy Lake off Lakeshore St.; Kalmo Beach on Whitson Lake, Val Caron; Meatbird Lake Park in Lively; and Whitewater Lake Park on Whitewater Lake in Azilda.

4 This is the Nickel Capital of the World. The Sudbury Basin was created by a meteorite 1.85 billion years ago. The large impact crater filled with magma (molten rock) and contained nickel, copper, platinum, palladium, gold, and other metals. The region is one of the world’s largest suppliers of nickel and copper ore. Since mining began in the 1880s, people from around the world have come here looking for work in the mines.

5 The land of Big Money. The Big Nickel, which is nine metres high, is a Sudbury landmark. When it comes to annual incomes, the median annual salary for a man living in Sudbury in 2006 was $53,937, which is considerable higher than the national median annual salary of $42,900. Women working in Sudbury earned an average median income of $36,692 (national median $27,700.) The largest employer in the city is the public sector. There are good, secure, well-paying jobs to be found here in education, health care, and public service.

6 Parlez-vous français ? This is the centre of Franco Ontarian culture. Greater Sudbury is the third largest French-speaking community outside of Quebec. There is a French-language theatre (Theatre du Nouvel Ontario); a museum about Franco-Ontarian folklore, an annual French music festival, La Nuit sur l’etang.

7 The Bridge of Nations on Paris St. celebrates Greater Sudbury’s multiculturalism. If you get homesick for mom’s perogies, visit the Ukrainian Seniors Centre. Want pasta like nona makes? The Caruso Club will make you feel at home.
8 The Sudbury Wolves. The Ontario Hockey League junior hockey team joined the league in 1972. They have not won championship titles, but fans are dedicated. The arena is packed on game days. The Wolves made it to the OHL finals in 2006–07. Sudbury is a hockey-crazy town and has had a hockey team known as the Wolves or Club Wolves for decades. Earlier Sudbury Wolves teams won the Memorial Cup and represented team Team Canada at the 1938 and 1949 World Championships.

9 Bell Park is a beautiful oasis in the middle of the city. A lumber baron donated his property on Ramsey Lake to the citizens of Sudbury, which has kept the area free of unsightly development. There’s nothing finer than a walk along the Jim Gordon Walkway any season of the year.
10 Science North is the snowflaked-shaped building on the shore of Ramsey Lake. There are lots of fun things to do and see there including the IMAX theatre. If you need a crash course on mining or are interested in what drives the city’s economy,visit Dynamic Earth.

11 Blue Skies. You might hear Sudbury is the sunshine capital of Canada…but according to Environment Canada that’s not true. Calgary is the sunshine capital. Sudbury does have lots of sunshine and blue skies. It ranks 45th for having the most hours of sunshine on an annual basis.

12 Elgin St. is a little rough around the edges, but this is where to find trendy restaurants, cool bars such as the Towne House and The Grand, an art gallery, artsy shops, an antique/second-hand store, a tea room, a coffee place, Sudbury Arena, a cheese store and the farmers’ market.

13 Cinefest, Sudbury’s International Festival features more than 100 films, documentaries and short from around the planet. The festival is held at SilverCity Cinemas in September.

14 Rainbow Cinemas, in the Rainbow Centre, downtown has cheap movies. Movies are $2.50 on Tuesdays and matinees. Most evening movies are just $4. For 24/7 movie information, phone 670-8887.

15 Free use of computers and wireless access are available at all 13 branches of the Greater Sudbury Library.

16 Sudbury Transit Greater Sudbury Transit has 35 buses covering 23 routes. Transit service runs on most routes between 6:30 am and 12:15 am Monday through Saturday, with Sunday service from 10:15 am to 8:15 pm. Students can buy a discounted monthly pass for $59. To qualify for senior’s fares you must buy a seniors pass for $20 (with proof of age).

17 Rack and Roll. Take your bike on the bus! Greater Sudbury Transit now offers bike racks on buses travelling Route 703 – Val Caron / Hanmer / Capreol. Part of a pilot project, racks will be in use from May to November each year and accommodate two bicycles each, allowing cyclists to easily access other areas of the city with their bikes. Riders pay their regular Transit fare, their bikes ride for free.

18 Although transportation in Sudbury is currently dominated by the automobile, the city has committed to changing this, by increasing investments in trail infrastructure and by resolving to become the most pedestrian friendly city in Ontario by 2015.
19 The Superstack is the tallest chimney in Canada and the Western hemisphere. It is also the second tallest freestanding structure of any type in Canada, ranking behind the CN Tower. It was constructed by Vale Inco in 1972 at an estimated cost of $25 million. The Superstack at the operations in Copper Cliff  was built to disperse sulphur gases and other byproducts of the smelting process away from the city itself. Construction of the Superstack lowered the ground-level pollution in the area and allowed the city to launch an environmental reclamation plan.

20 The Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) is Canada’s newest medical school and is unique in that iits mandate is to provide innovative medical education programs responsive to the needs of students and to the health-care needs of the people of Northern Ontario. There are campuses in Sudbury and Thunder Bay. NOSM has a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) with the latest technologies such as videoconferencing, webcasting, online tutorials, as well as the physical and the virtual resources available through the Health Information Resource Centre (HIRC).

21 Golden Grain bread. Accept no substitutes. The bakery on Brady St., across from Tom Davies Square, was started in 1936 by Peter Andlar, and passed on to his sons and grandsons. The light and dark rye are the best sellers but whole wheat, French stick, white, multigrain and flax-seed bread are also available. The pies, cookies and other baked goods have a huge following and people drive from all parts of the city to get them fresh.

22 The Towne House is across the street from the old train station in downtown Sudbury. It was built around 1902.In 1986 Maurice Desjardins bought the Towne House Tavern. There is live music  363 days a year. There is generally no cover charge, no doorman, no soundman on Sunday through Wednesday.  The bands on the weekends cover the spectrum of music. We book rock, funk, blues, jazz, R&B, ska, reggae, soul, folk, roots, trad, punk, heavy metal, hardcore, world, artrock, garage, surf, acid jazz, jam bands.

23 Topper’s Pizza was founded by Ron Toppazzini in Sudbury in 1982 nearly 60 years after Toppazzini Bakery,-the family bakery first opened the city. Ron used his grandfather’s secret recipe for Italian bread to make the crust. Every Topper’s Pizza location in Ontario still uses that same recipe today.

24 Direct flights from Sudbury Airport to paradise. For the last couple of years, Sunwing Airlines has offered direct flights from Sudbury Airport to Varadero, Cuba and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic from December to April.

25 We have our very own anthem. Sudbury Saturday Night was written by Stompin’ Tom Connors at the Towne House in the late 1960s. “Oh, the girls are out to bingo, And the boys are gettin’ stinko, And we’ll think no more of Inco, On a Sudbury Saturday night.”/images/life/060109_MS_Water_4.jpgsite://SudburyLivingMagazine1/images/life/060109_MS_Water_4.jpgSudburyLivingMagazine1060109_MS_Water_4.jpg060109_MS_Water_4.jpgWhat do you love about Greater Sudbury?/

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